Deck of the Day – Mono-Green Eldrazi Land Destruction

The introduction of the Standard Showdown has given brewers a new paradise in which to test their latest innovations.

Green Eldrazi Land Destruction takes advantage of the slow pace nature of the format by accelerating out big threats while stymying your opponent’s mana development.

Creeping Mold and Reclaiming Vines serve double-duty. They can kill a Stasis Snare holding your creature captive, a Smuggler’s Copter threatening your life total, or a land to prevent your opponent from keeping up.


Servant of the Conduit, Deathcap Cultivator, and Ulvenwald Captive provide the mana ramp to make sure the various Creeping Molds can be cast on turn 3 and that the bigger creatures can come down earlier in the game.

The creature force has plenty of heavy hitters. Tireless Tracker can often come down on turn 3 with a Clue token thanks to all of the 2-mana “Elves.”

Arborback Stomper can help stabilize against early pressure before turning the corner.

Ulvenwald Hydra is a massive creature that can also find some of your valuable utility lands. With options like Mirrorpool to create more tokens (or land destruction), Sanctum of Ugin to chain Eldrazi, Geier Reach Sanitarium to loot, Sea Gate Wreckage to draw, Spawning Bed to make some creatures, or Westvale Abbey to transform for the win, Hydra can find them all.

World Breaker can really hammer home the land destruction plan or kill a tough-to-deal-with permanent. With only Forests and colorless-producing utility lands, there are plenty of ways to get World Breaker back from the graveyard.

The sideboard offers some more Eldrazi in Reality Smasher to get aggressive, plenty of ways to prolong a midrange battle in Ulvenwald Mysteries and Seasons Past, and some tools to fight on other fronts. Plummets can stop U/W Flash, Stomper can hold the fort against midrange, and Appetite for the Unnatural has lots of applications against Copters, Snares, and Marvels.

The ability to board into Verdant Crescendo and Nissa, Nature’s Artisan is really cool. The Crescendo can ramp you to 6 mana (and you can often cast it turn 3 with the mana Elves), and then you’re looking at a turn-4 Nissa that you got to tutor out for free! You can even hold Crescendo in your hand to bring back Nissa from the graveyard if necessary.

There are lots of cool new decks coming out of the Standard Showdown. Not all of them will be fully tuned and tier 1 out of the gates, but they should provide you with some good ideas and valuable starting points for your own brewing!

Mono-Green Eldrazi Land Destruction

3-1 at Standard Showdown


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