Deck of the Day – Mono-Colorless Control

While UPS may have retired their once-famous slogan, this deck carries the mantle: What can colorless do for you?

The Eldrazi are powerful, certainly, but enough so that you don’t want even a single colored spell in the deck? According to MTGO player KELMASTERP, that’s the case.

This is a control deck with some ramp elements. The Hedrons definitely align here as both Hedron Crawler and Hedron Archive are 4-ofs. You clearly need to ramp early and late, while Archive is just the perfect card as a pseudo-Explosive Vegetation that can cash in for a Divination when you no longer need it.

Reality Smasher fails to make the main deck cut for this more controlling deck, but he’s still available in the sideboard when the matchup calls for it. Instead, the Eldrazi this deck focuses on are Matter Reshaper and Thought-Knot Seer. Reshaper provides some good card advantage in most situations, and Thought-Knot’s 4/4 body is already strong for 4 mana, then taking a removal spell or disrupting your opponent’s game plan can totally swing the game.

As you continue up the curve, you see where the ramp spells come in handy. This deck includes the full 4 copies of Oblivion Sower. A huge creature that also nets you a couple lands on average in a mana-heavy Standard environment, Sower helps you continue even further up the chain.

Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger is not an uncommon card to see in ramp decks. Several copies in the same deck is not necessarily as commonplace, but if you’ve got the mana, use it on the biggest and baddest. And if that isn’t enough, how about a Kozilek, the Great Distortion as well? Yeah, they’re all here!

The mana base goes a long way toward making this work. Having multiple 10-drop Eldrazi means Sanctum of Ugin will consistently let you chain big spells. You get great colorless “ramp” lands in Mage-Ring Network and Shrine of the Forsaken Gods. There’s also a plethora of colorless lands that can help to grow your army. In the case of Spawning Bed, it can both create creatures and ramp you. Foundry of the Consuls and Westvale Abbey can both create an army.

You don’t expect too much interaction from an all-colorless deck, but that’s far from the case here. Spatial Contortion is a Nameless Inversion of sorts, it kills many early creatures. Warping Wail acts similarly to kill tiny creatures, and ramps you a bit or counters a couple key cards in Standard (Languish, Ruinous Path, Explosive Vegetation, and Declaration in Stone). Finally, Titan’s Presence! This card has potential to be the real MVP as you have a bunch of huge Eldrazi that can exile anything in the format!

Another off-the-wall strategy getting the job done is exactly what I love to see in Standard. Get your wingdings ready, since colored spells need not apply here!

Mono-Colorless Control

KELMASTERP, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League

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