Deck of the Day: Mono-Blue Storm

For players like me, it kind of stinks that there are no more busted combo decks in Standard. I just love completely busted 4-mana spells that can win the game… wait, what? That’s available and in an unbelievably sweet shell? I’m listening!

Aetherflux Reservoir allows you to play pseudo-storm in Standard. The 4-mana artifact can buy you time by gaining life for your spells until you’re ready to go off and win the game. By casting 9 spells in a turn, you’re going to gain 45 life and finish the opponent off with a 50-ball to the face. Therefore, the name of the game is to play Reservoir and cast a bunch of spells in one turn.

Paradoxical Outcome has changed Vintage. This is the new storm enabler, and is often used in decks with cards like Monastery Mentor to make mana, draw cards, and make sure you have plenty of spells to cast in a single turn. Standard doesn’t have the fast mana of Vintage, but you do have 0-mana spells and some cards you can bounce for value. Drawing a card for each one of these that goes to your hand helps you find more spells and action even on turns you can’t fully go off.

Ornithopter and Bone Saw cost 0 mana. That is their function. Sure, you can block with a 0/2 or you can equip a creature for a solid extra point of power, but that’s not an exciting proposition in a deck looking to deal 20. These are both artifacts, so you have plenty of synergy there, and you can cast them and bounce them with Outcome to draw extra cards and count as multiple spells for your big turns.

Renegade Map can thin your deck, is a cheap artifact to cast multiple times with Outcome, or can be used as an improvise enabler. Implement of Improvement just adds another 1-mana artifact to the deck, and you’ll gain some value if it incidentally goes to the graveyard. You don’t have many ways to produce white, and you don’t want to sacrifice your artifacts too often, but that can be relevant.

Prophetic Prism is your white mana source. It also draws a card and makes sure you have an extra artifact lying in play.

Inspiring Statuary allows you to do busted things. With all of these cheap artifacts, you can create a bunch of mana with cards that would otherwise do very little. While you don’t have a ton of different spells that are nonartifacts to use this mana on, Paradoxical Outcome is a key one. Being able to cast the first Outcome for a single blue mana while tapping artifacts that you’re going to bounce lets you do a ton of things in a single turn.

Using improvise, Reverse Engineer is an incredible way to make sure you have all the resources you need. This will often be a turn-3 play, and drawing 3 cards will set up monster turns.

Engulf the Shore can bounce your Ornithopters as well as opposing creatures to buy some time. Resetting your Glint-Nest Cranes to find more artifacts adds some value.

Baral’s Expertise is like an Outcome that doesn’t draw you cards. It does give you a free spell to cast, and if you’re casting a bunch of 0s, bouncing them all, and then getting a free spell, this can easily make sure you get to 9 spells in a turn.

Whir of Invention is a great way to tutor for exactly what you need. This will often be Aetherflux Reservoir, but getting Statuary or just a Bone Saw to go off will happen frequently.

Mono-Blue Storm is unbelievably sweet, and it’s actually incredibly powerful right now. You have so many ways to draw cards and find the key spells you need that this deck is far more consistent than many similar decks. It’s worth taking for a spin!

Mono-Blue Storm



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