Deck of the Day – Modern UR Prowess

I’m a big fan of a number of cards in Eldritch Moon for the older formats, and seeing what they’re capable of in Modern is really exciting

One of the headliners for Modern, and even possibly Legacy, is Bedlam Reveler—a prowess card that, on paper, resembles the power of Treasure Cruise. It will always cost at least 2 mana, and doesn’t allow you to refill to 7 cards in the same way that a Cruise would, but you’re leaving behind a massive body. A 3/4 creature is already large and capable of dodging Lightning Bolts and Abrupt Decays alike, but prowess on top? In a deck filled with spells? Sign me up!

Like Cruise, the Reveler will be looking for a full graveyard to fuel an accelerated Ancestral Recall. That means cheap spells and lots of ’em! Gitaxian Probe and Mutagenic Growth won’t cost you a single mana, so they’re great inclusions. Probe gives you full information to decide the best course of action, and Growth can save your creatures from removal while always representing 3 damage (every creature happens to have prowess).

Mishra’s Bauble is another free spell that may not actually help you cast the Reveler, but will be a free prowess trigger that replaces itself. This extra damage and velocity to churn through your deck is quite relevant as you’re essentially playing an aggro-combo deck here. For the same reason, Manamorphose is another awesome free card. This time, we actually are helping Reveler, and it’s a 2-mana “free” spell that will draw you into more action.

The other creatures in this deck are simple. We want fast, cheap, and aggressive. Monastery Swiftspear and Stormchaser Mage both have haste and prowess. With Baubles, Probes, Growths, and Manamorphoses, you can cast them all in a turn without blinking an eye, representing massive damage.

The rest of the spells go down a very similar path. Serum Visions will make sure you can keep going and help find the relevant spells in time. Lightning Bolt is obvious in any aggressive deck. A single mana for 3 damage plus all of the prowess triggers is too good of a rate to ever consider not playing. The cheap damage spells are so good that this version even includes Forked Bolt and Lava Spike!

With enough prowess creatures in the deck, as well as free spells and Bedlam Revelers, Temur Battle Rage makes an appearance is a finisher. A 4-power prowess creature will suddenly deal 10 or more with a single Temur Battle Rage, but you’re not going to want to draw multiples very often.

You want tempo? Well, we’ve got Vapor Snag. Extra damage, bouncing blockers, and prowess triggers for a single mana? You may want to make room for more in creature-heavy metagames.

As you churn through your deck, you aren’t going to have much need for excess lands, so Faithless Looting has added value. You can discard weaker spells to help make your Revelers come out a bit sooner, as well. Once you have 3 lands in play to flashback a Looting, you’re good to go to discard any extras! One of the coolest parts of this deck happens to be that it functions on only 15 total lands—not bad for a deck with 10 fetchlands and 5 lands that can tap for mana!

This is one of the fastest decks in the format and the prowess creatures function like a storm deck. With so many cheap ways to go through your deck, and Bedlam Revelers to Ancestral you later (and by later, I often mean around turn 3), UR Prowess is a powerhouse.

UR Prowess

ISOMORPHIC 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League



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