Deck of the Day – Modern Temur Delver

Temur Delver is one of the top decks in Legacy, but the port to Modern hasn’t seen nearly as much success. The creature base of Delver of Secrets and Tarmogoyf are both very powerful, but the lack of Daze and Force of Will means the interaction can’t combine as efficiently with the cheap threats.

Just because the interaction isn’t as good as it is in Legacy doesn’t mean that it isn’t good enough, however. Modern is a slower format and the need to interact on turn 1 isn’t as critical. There are plenty of great cards worth trying to make these powerful threats work.

Spell Snare and Stubborn Denial can stop opponents from trying to get on the board early and will always trade up or even in mana, which is crucial for tempo. Remand and Mana Leak and cheap interaction all-stars. Access to more tempo in Lightning Bolt and Vapor Snag helps keep Temur Delver ahead on board.

Simic Charm never really saw play in Standard, but it does some cool things as a threat or as a tempo play that can also save your powerful creatures from removal. And speaking of powerful creatures, adding 4 copies of a 4/4 trampler for 1 mana is a nice place to be for a tempo deck.

The combination of Thought Scour and Snapcaster Mage allows Temur Delver to get away with playing some 1-ofs. Serum Visions, as always, helps in this department as well.

All in all, Temur Delver has a number of powerful tools and one of the best decks in Legacy may have some life in Modern as well.

Temur Delver

JAKESBAKED, 5-0 in an MTGO Modern League

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