Deck of the Day: Modern Slivers

When I was scouting twitter this morning for interesting decklists, I noticed Kanister streaming with Slivers. I thought it was just a meme, but he immediately followed it up by going 5-0 in a Magic Online league with it and earned my pick for deck of the day!

Modern Slivers Deck List - Kanister

Slivers has historically been probably the most popular Magic tribe and its nice to see that you can actually build a competitive deck out of them these days.

The thing with Slivers is that every single Sliver grants an ability to all your Slivers, so the more of them you have in play, the stronger they get.

Flying, haste, first strike, unearth, you name it. Frenetic Sliver even gives you a 50/50 chance to save your slivers from removal, including sweepers. Predatory Sliver and Sinew Sliver give all of your Slivers +1/+1.

Aether Vial not only lets you put Slivers into play during your opponent’s turn, but it almost always essentially works as a combat trick by granting all of your other Sliver an unexpected bonus. Worth noting is that Unsettled Mariner has to be in play before your opponent targets your creature for the ability to trigger.

Even the manabase is mostly lands with extra abilities, like Sunbaked Canyon and Horizon Canopy, which help make sure you don’t flood out. Mutavault is just the cherry on top.

I would consider playing only 1 basic land and adding an extra Mutavault. The second basic only really seems useful if you get hit by the 2nd Path to Exile in one game. Collected Company is another card worth looking at that could be a good addition.

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