Deck of the Day – Modern Naya Ghostway

There are is an abundance of value creatures in Modern. Sweet enters-the-battlefield abilities that can handle any problem work out nicely with Chord of Calling to find the one you need.

Elvish Visionary and Wall of Omens provide early card advantage while Eternal Witness is one of the most powerful creatures ever printed—and can recur Chord of Calling.

Orzhov Pontiff can wipe an army while Pia and Kiran Nalaar can provide another. Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice can bolster your life total out of range while Stonehorn Dignitary can keep creatures off your back.

So how do we maximize value from these creatures? Restoration Angel is one of the best ways, combining a useful blink ability and formidable flying threat in a single card. Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker can also provide continuous enters-the-battlefield triggers and is an infinite combo with Restoration Angel.

The best way to get maximum value from all of these triggers? That would be Ghostway.

I can’t remember this card seeing much play at any point, but get a few valuable creatures out and Ghostway can easily act as a pseudo-Cruel-Ultimatum at a fraction of the cost. Continuing to recur Ghostway with Eternal Witness can lock an opponent out or let you gain hundreds of life.

There are lots of cool interactions between the Kiki Chord decks, but Ghostway is certainly the way to maximize value!

Naya Ghostway

ISoLIAKirA, 5th place in a Modern Daily

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