Deck of the Day – Modern Knight Retreat Combo

This is slightly-obscur-Nahiri-combo-deck week here on Deck of the Day! Today’s deck took down a pretty significant Classic event over in Worcester at a Modern Classic in the hands of Eli Kassis. It has some acceleration, beatdown, combo elements, and lots of interaction. What more could you want?

At its core, this is a decent midrange deck. You have some powerful acceleration in Birds of Paradise and Noble Hierarch, the latter of which helps to facilitate your attacks. You also have some big midrange creatures in Tarmogoyf and Scavenging Ooze. Most importantly, you have…

Knight of the Reliquary. Knight is huge and provides a very real advantage by fetching from a toolbox of lands. Knight also has some combo potential with a card that didn’t see much love when it was originally spoiled.

Retreat to Coralhelm doesn’t do much in general. It’s a 3-mana enchantment that has no effect when it enters the battlefield. The landfall trigger doesn’t provide too much of an advantage, as scrying is nice but not significant, and untapping a creature typically isn’t the most powerful. It will help you by untapping your mana creatures, but the real power is with the Knights! Activating your Knight will put a land into play, untapping the Knight so you can continue the process. Keep going down the line, getting fetchlands for multiple untap triggers on the stack, floating a ton of mana each time, and then fetching Kessig Wolf Run to make your now massive Knight a huge lethal trampler.

Throw some Bolts and Paths in there for interaction, some Serum Visions and Oath of Nissas to find the pieces you need, and some Stubborn Denials, and this deck is really starting to come together.

Now this is the type of deck we’ve seen in the past, with the Retreat Knight combo, but this deck also got the powerful combo potential of Nahiri, the Harbinger. Every day I’ve been singing the praises of this planeswalker, and that’s even more true in a toolbox deck with additional combo elements! If they interact with your Knight combo, you just go right to searching out Emrakul and end the game. Nahiri’s ability to sculpt the perfect hand, find the needed pieces, interact with opponents, and win the game when needed is simply awesome.

Nahiri continues to find more and more decks to shine in—the most influential new card to Modern is here to stay!

Knight Retreat Combo

Eli Kassis, 1st Place at a Modern Classic


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