Deck of the Day – Modern Jeskai Ascendancy

It was about a year ago when every professional was freaking out about how Modern was going to come undone with Jeskai Ascendancy in the format. The deck wasn’t easy to hate out, it was explosive, and it was extremely powerful. Getting to utilize some of the greatest card draw in the history of Magic in a deck filled with cantrips and cheap interaction, such as Lightning Bolt, Path to Exile, and Remand, made for a deck that was tough to beat.

Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time were then banned. The key engines to the deck, and many other decks in the format, would no longer dominate games of Modern. That doesn’t make the card Jeskai Ascendancy any less powerful, however.

Instead of relying solely on fueling the graveyard with cards to delve away and Fatestitchers, the build of the deck has to adapt. Mana creatures were the way to provide infinite combos in Standard and they’re still effective in Modern. Birds of Paradise and Noble Hierarch are the best mana creatures ever printed. Sylvan Caryatid works in Modern as well as it did in Standard while dodging all of the targeted removal.

We may not have the raw card drawing power of Treasure Cruise, but with cards like Glittering Wish to help us find the Ascendancy, consistency is less of an issue. From there, it’s all about cycling through the deck. Anything that can replace itself for 1 mana works perfectly with a single mana creature and an Ascendancy in play. Gitaxian Probe actually nets mana, and Fatestitcher provides a haste mana creature.

Your chances of fizzling with the deck are certainly higher than when there was access to a 1-mana draw-3, but the deck is still very strong. Using cheap cantrips while looting away unnecessary cards is likely to win the game while Serum Visions and Sleight of Hand help find the right cards.

As someone who has played Jeskai Ascendancy in a Standard Pro Tour, this deck looks like an absolute blast to play, and I’m excited to get some games in!

Jeskai Ascendancy

MR_TOLKIEN, 5-0 in an MTGO Modern League


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