Deck of the Day: Modern Hardened Company

Today’s deck of the day combines two decks that I love – Hardened Scales and Collected Company. This deck has a ton of sweet combos, and is exceedingly fun to play.

Modern Hardened Company Deck List - LSV

Gameplan: This deck wins in a number of ways РHeliod plus Walking Ballista (infinite damage), Heliod plus Spike Feeder (infinite life), or just beatdowns with Company and Scales.

Heliod being a primary combo piece and something you can hit off Company is great, as it’s the card that leads to the fastest wins. You can even win directly off of a Company, as Spike Feeder + Heliod requires no additional mana (for every counter you remove, Heliod lets you put on one).

Hardened Scales helps you up the pressure, and works very well with Auriok Champion, Walking Ballista, and Spike Feeder, while also doubling Heliod’s ability when you aren’t going infinite. Conclave Mentor is a backup Hardened Scales, and one you can hit off Company.

How you want to approach playing this deck is like an aggro-combo deck, which is in line with how both Scales and Company decks often play out. You can pressure the opponent with powerful creatures, while making them respect the fact that you have an infinite combo ready at any time.

I love decks like this, and having so many interlocking combos is very cool. If you’re looking for a new Modern deck, I’d recommend taking this one for a spin.

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