Deck of the Day: Modern Green-Black Yawgmoth Combo

Today’s Deck of the Day is reminiscent of Birthing Pod. It’s a Green-Black creature-based combo deck, that can get value alongside assembling an infinite combo. Let’s take a look!

Modern GB Yawgmoth Deck List - _KG (5-0, MTGO League)


Get Yawgmoth, Geralf’s Messenger, and any other Undying creature into play. Sacrifice Messenger to Yawgmoth, then sacrifice the other Undying creature to Yawgmoth. This will repeatedly remove the +1/+1 counters from the two creatures, allowing you to loop them at a cost of a life per sacrifice.

That drains the opponent to death via Messenger triggers, as long as you had more life to start with, and Zulaport Cutthroat lets you deal infinite damage. You also draw a card per sacrifice, making it easy to find Chord or Eldritch Evolution to find any piece you are missing.

Tips and Tricks

  • Wall of Roots can “double-pay” for Chord of Calling by tapping to convoke and getting a counter, though be aware that this hasn’t worked on Magic Online for a while (unless it got recently fixed).
  • Yawgmoth lets you draw a ton of cards, even if you don’t have the combo. With just one Undying creature, you can sacrifice other creatures to keep the loop going, and hope to find another Undying creature before you run out of things to sacrifice.
  • This deck can play out like a mediocre aggro deck if need be. Strangleroot Geist into Messenger into Ravenous Chupacabra is real pressure.
  • Fetchlands can get Dryad Arbor, which gives you something to sacrifice to Eldritch Evolution if you’re missing a creature.

This deck has a lot of the same elements that I loved about Birthing Pod, though it’s a bit more combo-focused. I like grinding people out with Undying beats, and assembling an infinite combo
while doing so is a nice bonus.

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