Deck of the Day – Modern Ad Nauseum

Andreas Ganz took the flight across the pond thanks to his confidence in Modern Ad Nauseam. That was with good reason, apparently, as he managed to take down the massive event.

While this deck may kil with Ad Nauseam, it is still very much a Lotus Bloom deck. The fast mana it provides completely changes the dynamic of how this deck plays out. An opening hand with a Lotus Bloom can commonly win the game on turn 4 even through some of the various forms of disruption Modern has to offer. A Pentad Prism helps with acceleration and Simian Spirit Guide can be exiled in a pinch, but the real power comes from the suspended Black Lotus.

Ad Nauseam, in conjunction with Angel’s Grace or Phyrexian Unlife, will win the game every time. Both of these white cards will allow you to survive despite falling below 0 life this turn, so you can draw your entire library with the Ad Nauseam. With access to your entire library, you can simply pitch Simian Spirit Guides to cast a Lightning Storm and all of these lands now in your hand to win the game.

This isn’t the only way to win the game, however, with Grace or Unlife. Laboratory Maniac can also get the job done. If you cast Ad Nauseam, resolving a Maniac and then drawing a card is going to require both a greater and more challenging mana requirement, since Lightning Storm only needs Simian Spirit Guides to be cast. You can win without Ad Nauseam, however, by combining the white spells with Spoils of the Vault, going through your entire library with the Maniac in play, and eventually drawing a card with your empty library to win.

Serum Visions and Sleight of Hand, while not the best card selection spells in the history of the game, are what you have to work with in Modern. Costing only a single mana is important in both finding the combo and being able to suspend a Lotus Bloom that you may find on turn 1 before passing the turn.

Pact of Negation is the final piece of the main deck puzzle as it’s a free counter that will make sure your Lightning Storm resolves. More importantly, it can force through an Ad Nauseam or even counter a big spell on your opponent’s turn when you can’t pay for the Pact since Angel’s Grace will save you. You can cast Angel’s Grace with the Pact trigger on the stack and then go on to win the game with Spoils or Ad Nauseam the same turn!

Note that the list ended up having a typo on the Wizards website—I would never recommend playing 62 cards in a deck that needs to find pieces and wants to suspend Lotus Bloom turn 1! Ganz did play only 20 lands in his winning deck—the list below accurately shows what he took into battle.

Ad Nauseam

Andreas Ganz, 1st Place at GP Charlotte


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