Deck of the Day – Metalwork Colossus

Affinity is back, and it’s definitely bigger than ever.

Remember Myr Enforcer? That thing sure could come down quickly and hit hard. With some artifact lands and some cheap artifacts, you’re looking at a 4/4 creature on one of the early turns of the game.

Metalwork Colossus doesn’t have quite that capability, but turn 4 is a possibility depending on how you build your deck. Most competitive versions won’t be concerned with playing underpowered cards just to facilitate the fastest Colossus imaginable, but instead with getting a bit of an engine going. With mana rocks that cost 3 and 4 mana to help ease the cost of the Colossus, you’re looking at the possibility of chaining a whole bunch of cheap 10/10 creatures into play and asking what your opponent can do about them.

Metalwork Colossus is going to ask you to play a lot of noncreature artifacts. Those that produce mana or draw you cards while staying in play are going to be the perfect fit here. The more artifacts you get into play, the more likely you’re going to be to get to return your destroyed Colossus, as well.

Vehicles fit this mold perfectly. Their converted mana costs reduce the cost of Metalwork Colossus, but they can also serve the role of creatures to finish off the game. Cultivator’s Caravan is the best of the bunch as a way to accelerate your mana development, fix your colors, and then also turn into a 5/5 when needed. Contributing 4 total mana towards a Colossus (3 in the casting cost plus tapping for 1) is awesome for this deck.

Skysovereign, Flagship Consul can serve a similar function to an Inferno Titan. It will often kill a creature when cast, it reduces Colossus cost by quite a bit, and your cheap Colossus can even jump in the ship the following turn to get in for 6 damage and mow down another creature or planeswalker.

Hedron Archive asks for no other help than hitting some land drops if you want to cast a Colossus. A turn-4 Archive will give you all the mana you need—assuming you hit your turn-5 land drop—to send you off to the races with your first 10/10. It will even sacrifice itself for cards later.


Prophetic Prism and Metalspinner’s Puzzleknot will dig you deeper to find the tools you need while also helping your affinity mechanic. Any 2-mana artifact into turn 3 Caravan means that your turn-4 land into Caravan will allow you to cast a 10/10. You could even add another 2- or 3-mana artifact to the board before resolving your Colossus!

Sanctum of Ugin really lets you go off. Once you have 11 mana in noncreature artifacts in play, you can sacrifice every Sanctum off of your first Colossus to keep getting more. They’ll all be free, so adding 20 or 30 power to the board on turn 5 is a reality.

Sometimes, a 10/10 ground creature with no evasion, even very early in the game, won’t be enough. That’s where Elder Deep-Fiend comes in. You can get Fiends off of Sanctums, sacrifice a Colossus to make them super cheap (you can even return Colossus to your hand by sacrificing excess artifacts), and then tap down their lands or blockers to help finish the game.

The other enablers are cards like Glint-Nest Crane to find the missing pieces and block early, as well as Foundry Inspector to make most of your deck cheaper.

Spatial Contortion is one of the best early-game removal spells in a deck that can afford to cast it. It kills all of the cheap creatures, including Smuggler’s Copter, making it an excellent inclusion.


Panharmonicon is new Kaladesh technology and allows you to dig even deeper. Triggering off Cranes, Prisms, and Puzzleknots, you can draw tons of extra cards to find all the tools you need to end the game. Expensive artifacts that don’t influence the board immediately tend to be unplayable, but this one makes each Colossus cost 4 less mana to cast, so it’s kind of like ramp! Being able to trigger multiple Consul Flagship triggers when it enters the battlefield can be completely backbreaking for an opponent.


Metalwork Colossus decks are taking over Magic Online, and for good reason. They’re fast, powerful, and do something totally unique in Standard! Being able to sideboard red cards like Incendiary Sabotage to sweep the board thanks to all of the mana fixing artifacts is another huge bonus of an already awesome deck.

Colossus Affinity

JABERWOCKI, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League


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