Deck of the Day: Mardu Pyromancer (Modern)

The Mardu colors give you some great options to control the board, control your opponent’s hand, and even produce some serious card advantage.

Young Pyromancer is an army in a can. For just 2 mana, you’re getting a 2-power creature that threatens to flood the board in a hurry. Combined with lots of 1-mana spells, you can make sure the coast is clear of removal and then make sure the board is clear with your own removal! You can always wait until you have extra mana to make sure the Pyromancer is getting value before exposing it to the battlefield, and this is a serious threat that doesn’t require much outside of a spell-heavy deck to reward you.

If you’re going in that direction, focusing on cheap interactive spells, a card like Bedlam Reveler becomes exciting. Not only will you get to cast the Reveler for cheap thanks to all the spells in your graveyard, but you get to refill your hand and have a massive threat on the battlefield. You’re only going to be drawing more cheap spells, so the Reveler threatens to have 5+ power turn after turn until you play additional copies and put the opponent away.

Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek have been major draws to playing black in Modern for some time now. It’s really hard to either curve out or assemble your combo when black gets to play 7 copies of 1-mana discard spells. These are great ways to load up your graveyard with spells while clearing the way.


You’re able to flood out the board and win in a hurry, so this deck focuses on more damage-based removal spells than something like Fatal Push. Instead of the powerful black instant, you’re going with the full playset of Lightning Bolt as one of the best and most efficient spells in the history of Magic. You also have access to Lightning Helix for some life gain post-Thoughtseize, Forked Bolt to kill multiple small creatures, and Burst Lightning for versatility early and late.

You’re also going heavy on Kolaghan’s Command. This gives you a great artifact removal spell and another burn spell for reach, but you also get to return creatures from the graveyard to your hand. This means that you can get back Pyromancers, but more importantly, you can get additional Bedlam Revelers. Reveler will often force you to discard another Reveler, and this gives you access to more copies. If they’re able to kill it, this will draw you a bunch more cards.

Having some unconditional removal spells is important to make sure you have answers to any threat. A couple of copies of Terminates give you an instant to clear the way of big delve creatures, and Dreadbore offers an additional answer to planeswalkers.

Faithless Looting provides Elemental tokens and makes sure that Bedlam Reveler has fuel. This can put spells into your graveyard, and it can also get rid of excess lands, Revelers, or discard spells clogging up your hand. The flashback gives you some additional late game advantage.

Lingering Souls is what puts this deck over the top. It’s a great discard to Faithless Looting or Reveler, but it will clog up the skies so decks that go wide or fast can’t get you before you’re Reveling. Souls is a great card against Infect, Affinity, and planeswalker strategies, and holds down the fort while you burn them out.

Mardu gives you some of the best removal spells in Magic, as well as powerful card advantage creatures and Lingering Souls. It’s going to give you tons of game against any fair creature decks with the tools to disrupt combo decks!

Mardu Pyromancer

SELFEISEK, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League

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