Deck of the Day – Mardu Prowess

While sifting through MTGO results, the same deck kept popping up—chock-full of powerful cards in the Mardu colors, which I don’t see as much, I thought the deck was definitely worth keeping my eye on.

The prowess creatures, Seeker of the Way and Abbot of Keral Keep, are excellent in that they provide a reasonable body on turn 2 and can scale dramatically as the game drags on.

It’s not uncommon to create 5 or more power out of these little beaters, which is a great clock before even factoring in the added lifelink or the ability to essentially draw an extra card. They are the centerpiece of the deck and some of the best 2-drops in Standard.

Pia and Kiran Nalaar has been making waves since the release of Origins, but mostly in Limited and in Modern.

The built-in card advantage and the raw strength of adding 4 power to the board for only 4 mana has “The Parents” in a spot where they only need to find the right deck to shine. In previous red decks, we have seen the combination of the Nalaars with Hangarback Walker, and that combination is devastating for many opponents.

If you’re going to be playing a deck centered around prowess, you’re going to need some good spells, and the Mardu colors have you more than covered.


Crackling Doom is one of the most powerful removal spells we have ever seen, assuming you can reliably cast it. I love the trend of maindecking up to 4 copies of Duress. Duress hits hard against every deck in the format which is great for just 1 mana, especially when you are looking to get basics early to turn on battlelands later in the game. Rounding out the deck with early spot removal like Fiery Impulse, powerful card advantage in Kolaghan’s Command and Painful Truths, and some quality removal like Murderous Cut can create a pretty strong package that has been putting up great results online.

Sprinkle in a few of your favorite planeswalkers for the late game and season to taste!

Mardu Prowess

SEGAL, MTGO Standard League 5-0

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