Deck of the Day: Legacy MUD/STAX

For myself and many other Pros, the biggest draw to playing Legacy is its blue cards. At the very top of that list is a card so powerful that it is rightfully restricted in Vintage: Brainstorm. So if I’m going to recommend a deck that doesn’t play one of the best Magic cards of all times, it’s going to need to do some powerful things on another axis. I didn’t think there was any deck that could possibly get me to not play the blue cards in Vintage until I finally sleeved up Workshops. The ability to use lands to provide an unfair advantage at the cost of not playing colored lands has been around for some time, and while Mishra’s Workshop is not a legal card in Legacy, there are some fantastic colorless lands that we can abuse.

Ancient Tomb and City of Traitors provide multiple mana from a single land. The ability to accelerate your development at the cost of no spells is huge in any format—the restriction, of course, is that these lands only provide colorless mana. There are other methods of ramping your colorless mana, the most popular of which is Cloudpost in Legacy. You also have access to many lands that decks trying to cast their colored spells simply can’t afford to play, such as Mishra’s Factory, Mutavault, Wasteland, Rishadan Port, and many more.

One way of using this mana advantage is to take a similar approach to Vintage Workshops. Many decks really struggle to beat a Chalice of the Void set to 1, so having plenty of ways to access casting that before your opponent takes a single turn may be lights out. Sphere of Resistance is another card that often comes down before your opponent has even taken a single turn and can prevent them from ever getting going. Lodestone Golem, Tangle Wire, Trinisphere, Smokestack, and others can contribute to locking your opponent out, and combining Smokestack or Wastelands with Crucible of Worlds can present a hard lock.


MTGO Legacy Premier, 1st Place – Charlie

Another way to approach this fast mana is by adding in even more fast mana! The Monoliths, both Grim and Basalt, can lead to cards like Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, Karn Liberated, and Wurmcoil Engine as early as turn 2. Not many decks can compete with power like that. If Tron is your deck of choice in Modern and you love getting these incredible threats down much earlier than opponents are prepared for, another mono-artifact style deck might be to your liking.


Forlì – KoM Legacy, Top 4 – Matteo Guernieri

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