Deck of the Day – Legacy Lands

We continue our look at awesome Legacy decks today with a deck that plays less than 50% spells. With so little “action,” it definitely makes the most of them (unsurprisingly, it uses some very powerful lands that are only available in Legacy).

Life from the Loam is the centerpiece of the deck. It’s a built-in card advantage engine, doesn’t mind being discarded or countered, and can help dig deeper into your deck to find the critical lands. Loam can even be cast without a target to start dredging. It also happens to combo with the best tutor available for this deck in Gamble. Most decks can’t gamble on Gamble, but when you’re getting Life from the Loam, it works perfectly. If you discard the Loam, you can dredge it back. If you already have a Loam, you can go get whatever land you need and get that back if you discard it.

Crop Rotation is also a tutor to get the key land you need. There are a variety of them in this deck, so each situation will be different, but being able Loam back the land you sacrificed makes this another great addition.

For acceleration, you have both Mox Diamond and Exploration. A Lands deck with Exploration in play functions on a completely different level than one without. Many Lands decks would play Manabond as another way to cheat extra lands into play, but it’s not entirely needed. Being able to set up your land-related locks by playing multiple lands per turn is huge.

Molten Vortex and Abrupt Decay are the only other spells that this list plays. Vortex is a sweet win condition that doesn’t care about discarding lands (and can do it many times), while Abrupt Decay is a sweet catch-all answer.

The lands are the really sweet part. Many decks will struggle to beat a Maze of Ith or Glacial Chasm, and The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale will make sure that nobody can swarm you and helps to punish the low land counts in most Legacy decks.

Speaking of punishing mana bases, both Wasteland and Rishadan Port do an incredible job at mana denial. With recurring Wastelands, many decks in Legacy will fail to get a critical mass of lands into play to ever cast their important spells, allowing Tabernacle to further punish them.

You also have a built-in win condition with just your lands. Dark Depths and Thespian’s Stage can combine to create a 20/20 indestructible flying Avatar creature to quickly finish off your opponent. The Thespian Stage can copy Dark Depths and, because it isn’t entering the battlefield, it will have no ice counters on it, giving you a giant attacker to win the game!

Lands attacks on a totally different axis, which makes it an awesome deck in my book. I also love that after sideboard, when opponents can’t afford to have removal in their deck, you can board in Dark Confidants and dominate with even more card advantage (and likely take 0 each upkeep, to boot!).


BTRAUT, 5-0 in an MTGO Legacy League

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