Deck of the Day: Modern Landless Belcher

Sebastian Stückl’s Modern Landless Belcher, 5-0 MTGO Modern League

Modern Landless Belcher Deck List - Sebastian Stückl’s (5-0 MTGO Modern League)

I’ve been wondering where the new option to have lands in your deck without actually having to play any of them will be broken and it seems like Sebastian Stückl found the right deck for it.

Goblin Charbelcher is a card we are used to seeing in Legacy, in combination with cards like Land Grant to get your only Taiga, Elvish Spirit Guide and Tinderwall.

With the introduction of double faced spells/land cards in Zendikar Rising, this is now possible to do in Modern!

This deck has a lot of really cool things going on. In general, your goal is to play and activate Goblin Charbelcher. You don’t have any lands in your deck, so you will reveal your entire library and shoot your opponent for a lot of damage. To do that, you have a lot of ritual effects that give you extra mana, like Simian Spirit Guide and Desperate Ritual. In an ideal world, you “ritual” into 4 mana to cast Irencrag Feat, which then lets you exactly play and activate Goblin Charbelcher to win.

Of course, you won’t always get the perfect combination of cards, but that’s where Recross the Paths comes in. Because it will never reveal a land, you are able to stack your library in any order with it. The card you want to put on top is Reforge the Soul, which you can then cast for it’s Miracle cost next turn and draw 4 Simian Spirit Guides, Irencrag Feat, Goblin Charbelcher and Veil of Summer, that you stacked right under it.

The spells/land cards can be useful too, where you can for example use Spikefield Hazard to kill an otherwise annoying Thalia, Guardian of Thraben.

The sideboard is really interesting too, where you can use Leyline of Sanctity against decks with discard effects and Collected Company, which you can against set up in combination with Recross the Paths to make sure you hit both Undercity Informer and Thassa’s Oracle with it. With the Oracle Trigger on the stack, you can use Undercity Informer to mill your entire deck and then when the trigger resolve, even if Oracle is dead and you have 0 loyalty, you will still win the game because that will be equal to 0 cards in your deck.

Give this deck a try, not only does it have a really cool design, but it also seems really good!

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