Deck of the Day: Legacy Infect

If you’re familiar with Modern, then you are certainly familiar with the Infect deck. This strategy has been threatening to kill people as early as turn 2 from the very first Modern Pro Tour—PT Philadelphia—in the hands of Sam Black with his Blazing Shoals and expensive red cards. Things are a bit different today, but the idea is the same. Inkmoth Nexus is a hard-to-deal-with threat that comes at no cost aside from a land drop. Glistener Elf comes down turn 1 and threatens to win the game on the next turn. Blighted Agent is a bit slower, but kills easily through any number of blockers. Combine any of these infect cards with exalted triggers from Noble Hierarchs and cheap pump spells to boost their power and quickly increase your opponent’s poison levels to a lethal 10.

The Legacy version is remarkably similar, with the exact same suite of creatures, but the spells at its disposal have been upgraded dramatically. The best pump spell in history when you simply don’t care about regular damage is Invigorate. An additional 4 power at the cost of giving your opponent 3 life would typically do very little in Constructed, but that is far from the case when you’re winning the game through poison. The combination of giving your 1-power infect creature a 4-power bonus and a card like Berserk is perfect, because sacrificing your infect creature isn’t that bad of a cost when it’s dealt 10 poison damage.

Access to the best cards in Legacy with both Brainstorm and Force of Will really puts this deck over the top. Tons of cheap-to-free interaction makes this deck a very formidable threat to win quickly, even through removal spells, while also being disruptive of any proactive game plan an opponent may have.

This is absolutely one of the strongest decks in Legacy and can defeat any opponent quickly even through removal and disruption.


SCG St. Louis, 1st Place – Tom Ross


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