Deck of the Day: Legacy Burn

Often I get the question if Burn in Legacy is a viable deck, considering how expensive Legacy is and how cheap Burn is.

I generally say that it’s nowhere close to Tier1, but you do have some good pairings and even a somewhat 50-50 MatchUp against Delver decks.

Legacy Mono-Red Burn Deck List – Phil_1987 (5-0 MTGO League)

Chandra's Incinerator

I always welcome new cards to Legacy, and Chandra’s Incinerator is no exception.

Thanks to Rift Bolt, you’re able to drop this Elemental as early as turn 2 with the help of another 3 damage burn spell.

While some decks with Swords to Plowshares will easily handle the Chandra’s Incinerator, other decks, namely Delver decks, will have a tough time against it.

A 6/6 Trample on Turn2 is no joke and don’t forget about Fireblast which let you cast this card for 2 mana without any additional help.

This card won’t dramatically change Burn match-ups, you’ll still be an underdog against combo decks, be fine against fair decks and be very good against Lands decks.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to enter the wonderful Legacy format, Burn is an okay cheap solution.

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