Deck of the Day: Jund Midrange

One deck we were a little afraid of heading into Pro Tour Aether Revolt was also one we didn’t really expect to face. G/R or Jund Midrange decks have a number of tools to attack the early game and a strong late game to take it home. The huge uptick in G/B decks means you need to adjust to maximize your removal in both matchups, which should make Saheeli tougher, but may create the perfect deck for this metagame.


A full playset of Fatal Push is a must in a world of Heart of Kiran and Winding Constrictor, giving you a valuable mana advantage against enormous threats. With Grasp of Darkness to take care of early creatures as well, you should never be short on early interaction.

These spells tend to have issues with creatures that size up like Verdurous Gearhulk. That’s where Unlicensed Disintegration comes in. When you have the mana to cast it, this is a nice upgrade to Murder that can often also help take down a planeswalker. Ruinous Path takes care of any planeswalkers that have gotten out of range.

There aren’t many early creatures in this deck, and Walking Ballista is the only way to actually get on the board by turn 2. It’s a nice creature for fueling delirium or blocking while also killing small creatures. It’s strong against cards like Toolcraft Exemplar, Veteran Motorist, and occasionally an opposing Ballista.

Instead of casting creatures on those early turns, you’re playing removal spells and setting up with your selection spells. Traverse the Ulvenwald is a great payoff, fixing your mana early and getting your powerful creatures late. Grapple with the Past and Vessel of Nascency both load up the graveyard for delirium, add additional card types, and will make sure you have the lands and threats needed to close out the game.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance is the lone planeswalker in the deck, but a 4-mana ‘walker with this many abilities is always strong. It can pick off midsize creatures and threaten to run away with the game in card advantage. If she isn’t dealt with quickly, the ultimate just wins the game.

Pick the Brain and Transgress the Mind can help deal with cards like Torrential Gearhulk or Gideon, Ally of Zendikar before their damage is done. This is also your best anti-combo measure, hitting Aetherworks Marvel before it takes over the game.

All of the creatures in this deck are pure value that you can fetch with Traverse when the time is right.

Tireless Tracker makes sure you always have action. Turning land drops into Clues just means more land drops and more gas. That it grows to huge sizes is a nice bonus.

Gonti, Lord of Luxury can take opposing removal spells, planeswalkers, and trades up in combat. Noxious Gearhulk will be a common Traverse target as a way to kill a big creature and swing a race.

Ishkanah, Grafwidow is no stranger to the top level of Standard. While many creatures in G/B can size up past this thing, it’s tougher against a deck full of removal. You’re still getting 6/11 worth of stats if you can power the Spider lord up.

Finally, you have Goblin Dark-Dwellers to pull double-duty on all of your powerful spells. This hits all sorts of removal, including Unlicensed Disintegrations. It hits discard spells, it hits Grapples, and it can bring back Traverse to get more Dwellers!

Jund Midrange

BONE55, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League

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