Deck of the Day: Jund (Legacy)

If you don’t want me to play with Brainstorm in my Legacy deck, then I’m going to need a good reason. Maybe I’m playing some crazy Eldrazi colorless deck and leaning on Chalice of the Void to shut off opposing Brainstorms? OK, I can see that. Maybe I’m just “Jund guy”? I’m going to need more than that if you want me to consider a deck that is even being pushed out of Modern!

The Legacy Jund deck doesn’t look all that different from a Modern one, after all. Well, before the ban list got a hold of it, that is. While you get much better mana by getting to play Bayou, Badlands, and Taiga, you also get Deathrite Shaman back. This might be the most important card in Legacy right now and the most likely to see a ban at some point in the future. It’s a format warping mana accelerant, win condition, and graveyard hoser. It plays like a 1-mana planeswalker, and it’s one of the most powerful Magic cards ever printed.

You also get an old favorite in Bloodbraid Elf! It’s surprising that Bloodbraid Elf is still banned in Modern, as it’s just a good creature at the end of the day, but the card advantage and tempo it provides are impressive. A 3/2 haste creature threatens planeswalkers and can close a game out quickly, and considering that your deck is full of efficient creatures and interaction, you’re sure to hit something nice.

The other creatures in Legacy Jund completely mirror Modern’s. Tarmogoyf is just a large creature with no ability, but that’s plenty good enough as a 4/5 or larger for just 2 mana. Grim Flayer is perfect for setting up your draws and makes sure that both the Flayers themselves and Tarmogoyfs are at their maximum size. Clear the way for these two creatures with removal, and they’ll put your opponent away in no time.

Thoughtseize is one of the best discard spells ever printed, so there’s no reason to rock the boat and play something different here in Legacy. This is a format, however, with a lot of fast mana and the ability to cheat large threats into play. That means Inquisition of Kozilek isn’t really what you’re looking for, but Hymn to Tourach is a great card advantage spell that can be completely crippling when you hit well.

Liliana of the Veil is still the best planeswalker for the deck as a removal spell and way to control your opponent’s hand. The ultimate is a little less relevant in a more powered format like Legacy versus Modern, but she still gets the job done.

Your removal suite adds on some great Modern instants. Lightning Bolt is the cheapest removal spell that you have and happens to also have the ability to kill Jace, the Mind Sculptor. In a format where players are casting the Reanimate, Lightning Bolt gets the nod over Fatal PushAbrupt Decay has the versatility to kill some large creatures or knock out a Blood Moon, Animate Dead, or similarly powerful enchantment. When you kill a Liliana of the Veil, you get to feel really smart.

Kolaghan’s Command offers yet more card advantage in a deck that’s filled to the brim despite its lack of blue. Killing a creature and/or artifact, making them discard, or bringing back Bloodbraid Elf from the graveyard are just some of the things Command can do, and finishing an opponent off with some burn isn’t out of the question either.

While it would be really tough to get me to actually put away my Brainstorms when I get a chance to play some Legacy, Jund has some powerful options and is a relatively easy (for Legacy) deck to build for those already playing Jund in Modern!


QBTURTLE15, Top 16 in an MTGO Legacy Challenge


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