Deck of the Day – Jund Aetherworks

There are 3 decks flooding all of the top tables in Standard. If you can beat U/W Flash, G/B Delirium, and Mardu Vehicles, then you should be ready to take down your next event.

The problem with this is that all of those decks play out so differently that beating all of them is a nearly impossible. Slanting your deck to beat either U/W or G/B should leave you more vulnerable to Vehicles. In fact, the huge uptick in G/B Delirium is mostly due to the weapons it has to combat the rise of U/W Flash.

G/B’s biggest weakness, and perhaps the one thing that can truly keep it in check, is Aetherworks Marvel. Its clock isn’t fast enough to beat the mythic Kaladesh artifact, and its interaction is basically useless. The problem with Marvel decks? They’re really, really weak to U/W Flash.

So why not mash G/B Delirium and Marvel together?

The Aetherworks Marvel decks we’ve seen so far have been very all-in. A single Spell Queller was typically enough to stop them, and even Negate and Ceremonious Rejection huge problems.


Ksandr took the most useful defensive energy cards from the Marvel deck to make sure he could get going. Attune with Aether is already a fine card that can help fix your mana if you’re going to play 3 colors. Servant of the Conduit is a reasonable rate on a creature that can provide excess energy, fix your colors, or accelerate you depending on the board state.

Woodweaver’s Puzzleknot doesn’t blow anyone away with value, but 6 life and 6 energy in a single card is a really great rate when the magic energy number happens to be 6. This should buy you time against basically any deck, and a card that gives you that while being capable of fueling an Aetherworks Marvel is ideal.

The only other energy card is Harnessed Lightning, and that card is simply good enough on its own. Able to simply gain 3 energy when needed or kill a larger creature, it gives you some flexibility on an already strong card.

Everything in this deck is extremely castable. By including cards that you’re both happy to hit off Marvel but not sad to draw naturally, you’re not nearly as all-in or susceptible to single counters.


With 3 copies each of Ishkanah, Grafwidow and Emrakul, the Promised End, Jund Aetherworks can end up playing out exactly like any big G/B Delirium deck. As long as there are plenty of different card types and some ways to fill your graveyard, you’re looking at cards that you can cast, that you love hitting off Marvel, and that play really well against G/B and U/W alike.

4 Vessel of Nascency accelerate your ability to hit delirium. An enchantment in the graveyard is already a big step, but you should get most of the way there with one activation.


You already have Marvels and Puzzleknots for artifacts, but you can throw in Pilgrim’s Eye and Noxious Gearhulk for good measure. Attunes couple with Traverse the Ulvenwalds and a single Cathartic Reunion to make sure you have sorceries. The Lightnings combine with Kozilek’s Return and Unlicensed Disintegration for some extra removal and instants.

And why not play a few copies of the always powerful Liliana, the Last Hope, to put the deck over the top? Liliana, the Last Hope brings you additional defense, additional self mill, and the ability to bring back an Ishkanah or Emrakul from your graveyard.

G/B Delirium and Aetherworks Marvel decks are two great tastes that taste great together. This deck builder found a way to take a powerful strategy that is being oppressed in some way, and use a new angle of attack to get a big advantage in the metagame.

Jund Aetherworks

Jan Ksandr, Top 32 at GP Warsaw


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