Deck of the Day: Jeskai Tokens (Frontier)

I played Jeskai Ascendancy in multiple Standard Pro Tours when the card was legal. It’s robustly powerful in a number of different strategies. As a combo element, it’s a 3-mana engine that can dig through your deck and win the game in one turn. But it quickly proved itself in token strategies, as well.

Jeskai Ascendancy may not do anything when you first cast it, but untapping with the enchantment in play tends to mean lights-out. Granting all of your creatures prowess is already big, but being able to untap them essentially grants vigilance and free convoke potential to your whole team. Tack on a free loot with every spell and you’re sure to have a constant supply of gas.

Token producing spells satisfy everything that Jeskai Ascendancy asks. You get multiple creatures to pump and untap, and you also get the loot trigger. Dragon Fodder isn’t as powerful as Raise the Alarm, thanks to the instant speed, but creating red creatures has its own advantages. Hordeling Outburst is the best of them all, but you’re paying a bit more for that improvement.

Cheap spells that cantrip are always awesome and this deck has several 1-mana possibilities. Defiant Strike, Expedite, and Renegade Tactics are all there to draw a card for 1 mana and trigger Ascendancy before anything else, but they all have some minor bonuses attached.

Monastery Swiftspear is the perfect creature in a deck loaded with spells. You get in some early damage, and then your Swiftspears threaten to get out of control. When those spells are burn spells or draw additional cards, not to mention triggering Ascendancy, the deck starts to fire on all cylinders.

Reckless Bushwhacker has tons of early fuel to trigger surge and lots of tokens to power up. In a deck that goes wide, this is a nice aggressive way to pump them all for extra damage.

Stoke the Flames is definitely a card I would look to play 4 copies of. With some tokens in play and an Ascendancy, Stoke becomes free as you can tap the tokens to cast it and then untap all of the tokens with Ascendancy. All the creatures will be pumped, you’ll get a loot, and you’ll also get the 4 damage. This card is perfect for this strategy.

Lightning Strike and Jeskai Charm have other advantages, but I wouldn’t play anything over Stoke first!

Smuggler’s Copter triggers prowess and helps dig through the deck. With plenty of tokens to turn it on, and evasion, this is a damage source and card selection machine.

Treasure Cruise is the big payoff. You play a bunch of cheap cantrip spells, a bunch of cards that make tokens and go to the graveyard, loot off of Copter, and then loot off of Jeskai Ascendancy. Now you get rewarded with Ancestral Recall. That will only provide more cards going to the graveyard, more Ascendancy triggers, and more Cruises.

Jeskai Ascendancy is a 1-card combo with the power to take over any game. Good luck attacking into tapped tokens and open mana against an Ascendancy! A perfectly tuned Ascendancy deck is a great way to fuel delve spells and take over the Frontier format.

Jeskai Tokens

Yoshiya Adachi, Top 32 at God of Frontier


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