Deck of the Day: Jeskai Flicker (Pauper)

Recently there have been a number of people requesting more support for Pauper tournaments, specifically at the GP level. Well, you’re all in luck! While we’re not going to be having any Pauper main events anytime soon, ChannelFireball has thrown their support behind the format by having Double Up Side Events at their upcoming GPs. So sleeve up your commons and let’s check out another sweet Modern deck from last weekend’s Pauper Challenge on MTGO.

Ghostly Flicker is one of the cornerstones to the Pauper format. A card that often wouldn’t make the cut in Limited decks, it’s kind of perfect for setting off a chain of events that results in either massive card advantage or a straight-up win. With enough creatures that feature powerful enters-the-battlefield effects, Ghostly Flicker does some fantastic things.

Snap gives you interaction with the opponent by bouncing their creature, but that’s not its intended purpose in the deck. Snapping your own creatures lets you cast them again for more enters-the-battlefield triggers, and untapping lands is exactly where you want to be. With lands like Azorius Chancery and Izzet Boilerworks to untap, you can even turn a profit on mana.

This deck also features a playset of Sunscape Familiars to make your blue spells just a little bit cheaper to cast. This makes Ghostly Flicker a far more cost efficient play, but it can also make sure that Snap turns a profit. With a pair of Karoo lands out that tap for 2 mana, you can cast Snap for 1, untap 2 lands, and end up with a 3 mana profit.

If you want to combo off with these effects, you’re going to need Mnemonic Walls. The Wall is a reasonable blocker, but returning Snaps and Flickers is where it’s at. With a couple of Familiars and Karoos out, Snapping a Mnemonic Wall, replaying the Wall, and returning Snap to do it again can allow you to play “infinite” spells in a turn.

Playing Mnemonic Wall over and over again is sweet, but it doesn’t necessarily get you anywhere. God-Pharaoh’s Faithful changes that by having you gain “infinite” life from all of the blue spells you play in a single turn, allowing you to lock the opponent out.

Mulldrifter and Sea Gate Oracle dig deeper into your library to set up for your combos. Flickering and Snapping these creatures lets you see huge portions of your deck to make sure the combo is online. Since you already need Mnemonic Wall to go off, there’s no fear in using these effects too early.

To make sure that you’re seeing as many cards as you need to while setting up, you also have the full playsets of Preordain and Compulsive Research. Both of these allow you to see up to 3 additional cards and make sure that everything is ready to go.

The light red splash gives you Flame Slash and Lightning Bolt to interact with opposing creatures. Once you dig deep enough and are profiting on mana and spells, you can start using your Walls to get back Lightning Bolts to finish your opponent off.

Prosperous Pirates is an interesting new addition to this style of deck. With a Familiar and a Mnemonic Wall in play, this gives you additional access to casting any number of spells you want in a turn. The Pirates will create 2 Treasures, Ghostly Flicker will blink your Pirates and your Wall, and you can make 2 Treasures and return the Flicker to do it again. If you have a pair of Sunscape Familiars on the battlefield, you can also make infinite mana this way.

It never ceases to amaze me the crazy and powerful things you can do in a deck full of commons, and Jeskai Flicker with its infinite combos is no exception!

Jeskai Flicker

420DRAGON, Top 4 in an MTGO Pauper Challenge

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