Deck of the Day – Izzet Thopters

If you enjoy fun, Whirler Virtuoso is the card you pick early in Kaladesh Draft. There are tons of synergies and combos to get extra energy, or that can use the Thopters to facilitate creating more Thopters.

Whirler Virtuoso has seen a fair amount of play in Standard. In energy midrange to aggro decks, it’s a good sink and energy provider to make sure your Voltaic Brawlers and Longtusk Cubs can continue to get in there. If you have a stockpile of energy in your reserve, a bunch of flying creatures is a great way to swarm an opponent. You’re also getting a reasonably-sized 2/3 creature for your 3-mana investment with the option to create a 1/1 flyer, or save that energy for a rainy day. This has encouraged many versions of G/R Marvel to branch out to Temur. These creatures can provide valuable blockers, an extra damage source, or a nice little burst of energy to fuel Marvel.

I haven’t seen to much success in the combo realm, but Kaladesh definitely provides the pieces to make it happen. Decoction Module grants you an additional energy whenever a creature enters the battlefield. This means that your Whirler Virtuoso provides 4 energy and any Thopter you create makes an additional energy. This also scales, meaning multiple Modules will result in multiple energy triggers each turn.

Panharmonicon is another way to create additional triggers. Your Whirler Virtuoso will create 6 energy, and your Module will trigger multiple times as well.

Era of Innovation can draw 3 cards in an energy deck fairly easily, but that’s not the primary purpose here. Each Thopter (or any other artifact or Artificer) will allow you to pay a single mana to produce 2 energy. That means that with a Decoction Module in play, every mana you pay will result in a Thopter. When a Thopter enters, you get 1 energy from the module and an additional 2 from the Era if you have a mana available. With 3 more energy, you can repeat this process for every land you have.

All of these effects are stackable, meaning that 3 Decoction Modules will grant you 3 energy for every creature that enters the battlefield. This is infinite Thopters. You can replace 1-2 of these Modules with Panharmonicons to also produce infinite Thopters. Era of Innovation creates a finite number, but that number can be quite large for each mana you have.

Prophetic Prism can fix your mana, and works well with Panharmonicon. As does Glassblower’s Puzzleknot, which can start your engines in creating Thopters and finding pieces.

The utility cards to help stay alive, such as Aether Theorist, Disappearing Act, Confiscation Coup, and Dynavolt Tower, all contribute to this same goal. They can add energy and use energy, except for Disappearing Act, which can just reset an energy maker or card advantage artifact when needed.

This entire deck, including sideboard, is a 1-set deck. That means that this isn’t going to be the most competitive version, but it also shows the incredible potential of these cards. If the entire 75 can have success with nothing but cards from Kaladesh, imagine what you can do with older sets and newer sets! These cards will also all be legal for a long time, so this list creates a great starting point for those of you interested in going Thopter crazy.

Izzet Thopters

3-1 at Standard Showdown


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