Deck of the Day – Historic UW Auras

Historic U/W Auras Deck List - Charles Batschelet, Hooglandia Open 5

This looks like a fun and powerful historic U/W auras deck.  The deck seeks to play cheap creatures and then put creature enchantments on them, using Kor Spiritdancer to make a huge creature.  The deck has access to both Siren Stormtamer, Selfless Savior, and Alseid of Life’s Bounty in order to protect the creature, as well as double as a creature to get the party started. One weakness of aura based strategies tends to be targeted removal, but this deck looks prepared to mitigate it quite well.

Arcane Flight and Aether Tunnel both provide evasion for a big creature, while Staggering Insight and Curious Obsession both threaten to bury the opponent in card advantage. Lurrus in the companion slot can also help with card advantage, and recur both creature threats as well as enchantment threats. I think it kind of goes with saying as well but All That Glitters is gold.

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