Deck of the Day: Historic R/B Kroxa

This deck is brought to you courtesy of my last opponent, “Auric Ulvin”, who gave me a giant beating with it on the Arena ladder.

Historic R/B Kroxa Deck List - Auric Ulvin

I was playing my first game with Mono-Red and even tweeted out my great opening hand and still easily lost.

I went on to play this deck myself for the next 5 games and quite enjoyed it. Kroxa is an incredibly powerful card and between Stitcher’s Supplier and Mire Triton, you have a lot of ways to find and put enough cards in the graveyard to escape it.

Your goal is to annoy your opponent with Thoughtseize and kill their creatures with Cut/Ribbons, while milling yourself with Supplier and Mire Triton. On turn 4, you ideally crack a Fabled Passage and bring back Kroxa from the graveyard.

Call of the Death-Dweller combined with Goblin Chainwhirler means you can return it from the graveyard, put a deathtouch counter on it and kill your opponent’s entire board.

Gutterbones is both an early drop and additional value that comes from milling yourself. Between Gutterbones, Kroxa, Claim/Fame and Cut/Ribbons, you actually have 16 good hits.

My opponent’s mana base was a little different, including Castle Lochtwain, but I’m pretty sure that if you are playing Goblin Chainwhirler, you need as many of your lands to produce red as possible. That means no Castle for me. I’m not super happy about having only 10 untapped black sources, but sometimes it’s fine to just lead with a tapped land and double-spell on turn 2.

We were playing Best-of-1, so my sideboard is a little bit random, but it seems reasonable.

Have fun!

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