Deck of the Day: Historic Mono Blue Tempo

Historic Mono Blue Tempo Deck List - Rashid Davis

Rashid Davis used this Mono Blue Tempo deck to take the the SCG Tour Online Challenge #6 a few days ago.  I was a huge fan of Mono blue tempo when it was the best deck in standard a couple years ago.  I have also been enjoying the Historic Format a lot recently.

This looks like a pretty fun list.  It gets all the value that the old mono blue deck used to get from Curious Obsession but also gets some “extra copies” with the inclusion of four Sea-Dasher Octopus. This deck is heavily reliant on actually having one of those two engines going, due to the inclusion of 4 copies of Unsubstantiate, but I imagine if one of them actually does get going, the deck will be tough to beat.

The deck looks fun, and the archetype does seem reasonable against a lot of the archetypes floating around right now in Historic.  Have fun!


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