Deck of the Day: Historic Goblins

Historic Goblins Deck List - Huey Jensen - Mythic Invitational

Hey all!  The deck of the day today is my deck for the Mythic Invitational in a few days.  It’s a Merfolk deck!  No, it’s a Goblins deck. Martin Juza on twitter affectionately called this tournament the Goblins vs Jund Duel Deck Invitational.  He’s kidding, but those are the two best decks by far, and the decks that my team, and I’m sure others as well, were deciding between.

Goblins is just super strong, and Muxus is verging on 6 mana: “Win the game.”  Also, this deck is particularly strong, as you can and often do win by casting Muxus, sometimes one can just get a very quick draw and run the opponent over.

As always, thanks to the team, and especially Reid, for their extensive work on the deck, and good luck to everyone competing in the Invitational. If you have some historic to play anytime soon, you really can’t go wrong with Goblins.

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