Deck of the Day: Historic Best of One Nine Lives

I just saw an interesting Historic deck that AtelierYsk took to #8 Mythic on the Arena ladder.

Disclaimer: The placing can be a little misleading, as it’s right after the season rank reset, so chances are there could be maybe 10 mythic players total at this point, but I think the deck still looks pretty cool and making Mythic with one deck is an achievement on it’s own, no matter at which point of the month it is.

Historic Nine Lives Best of One Deck List - AtelierYsk

The goal of the deck is to set up the combo of Nine Lives and Solemnity. Every time you are supposed to take damage, you are supposed to put a counter on Nine Lives instead, then when there are nice or more counters, you have to sacrifice it and lose the game. Solemnity says that you and your permanents cannot get counters put on them, so you are essentially immortal.

Idyllic Tutor lets you search your deck for the missing piece or situational cards like Rest in Peace, Gideon’s Intervention or Overwhelming Splendor.

In best-of-3, your opponents can often find enchantment removal in their sideboard or at least cards like Thoughtseize or Negate, so I would stick to best-of-1 with this deck, where you can really punish all the aggressive archetypes with it like Goblins, Auras or Mono-Red decks.

I noticed the deck is running 27 lands, which is a lot. I wouldn’t necessarily cut lands from it, but I would at least replace some of them with Secluded Steppe. You don’t have any turn-1 plays, so you don’t mind if it comes into play tapped and it could save you if you are flooding out and need to draw a little bit more gas.

This deck will have very polarized matchups, so expect to crush aggro, but get crushed with control with counters and cards like Teferi, Hero of Dominaria and Cast Out.


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