Deck of the Day: Historic Bant Spirits

Historic Bant Spirits Deck List - Pedro Urquisa Barbosa

This is a Bant Spirits deck piloted by Pedro Urquisa Barbosa in the MTG Arena Zone Historic Open over the weekend. Pedro piloted the deck to a 6th place finish, and the deck looks very fun and interesting.

Collected Company is just such a powerful card.  This deck looks very similar to a lot of the Modern Spirits decks, which were good even in that format.  The biggest thing lacking from this deck, compared to the Modern version is Spell Queller.  There are still two lord here in the form of Empyrean Eagle and Supreme Phantom.

Playing against Spirits is so annoying, and this deck looks to maintain that trend.  If you try to kill spirits the deck can play Rattlechains in response.  They can sometimes also just play a Kira, to prevent us from targeting their creatures effectively.  Shacklegeist can hold off a powerful attacker.  For only one mana Spectral Sailor can pull ahead in cards and keep them there.

This looks like a smart port over from Modern to Historic, and a good way to use Collected Company.  I haven’t tried it yet, but plan to soon.


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