Deck of the Day – Historic Bant Ramp

Hi all.  I saw this Bant Ramp list on twitter from a user named @kushiro_mtg.  After the banning of Field of the Dead, it seems that midrange decks are the decks most likely to capitalize.  Playing slow and grindy games against someone who wins by playing lands is really not where you want to be. That won’t happen as much anymore, so I would expect a bit of a rise in midrange strategies if they can compete with the Collected Company decks.

This list looks good to me for a Bant deck, it has powerful cards, planeswalkers and really good sideboard options.  I am going to try this deck soon.  Interestingly, I had been really liking Bant Field, though this is, of course, a much different deck.  Having 7 “Growth Spirals” is really strong, between Growth Spiral and Explore.  Elder Gargaroth + Settle the Wreckage looks pretty cool, too.  As long as Elder Gargaroth is in play the opponent can’t attack without going super wide and if they ever remove it, they are likely to just alpha.

Honestly, though, I think I might just be a sucker for any deck with a copy of Sphinx’s Revelation in it.  Here’s the list:


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