Deck of the Day – Historic Bant Field

Historic Bant Field Deck List - Guillame Bordes

This is a deck that I found on twitter from Guillame Bordes.  I actually searched for Hour of Promise because the prospect of being able to cast Hour of Promise on the fifth turn, and potentially put four creatures into play by getting two from Field of the Dead and two from Hour of Promise itself is a powerhouse in Historic. This deck also uses a Karn, the Great Creator package.  I am a big fan of wish sideboards, and there are a lot of cards that I find interesting here.

Field of the Dead decks are very powerful and any deck that gets to abuse the combination of Growth Spiral and Explore to ramp into both Hour of Promise and Golos is going to able to maximize its lands and Field of the Dead.

Plus, if we play 32 lands how are we ever going to get mana screwed? Kidding, of course, but when a deck has lands as a win condition, 32 seems like a reasonable number.  This deck looks strong, fun, and as I mentioned, has multiple aspects to it that personally appeal to me.

With the next major event being Historic, I intend to start playing more Historic and producing more Historic content in the coming weeks, and this deck looks like a fun one to play with.


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