Deck of the Day: G/W Soul Sisters Combo (Pauper)

The Soul Sisters deck has been a part of the Modern metagame for some time now. While it never put up consistent results, it’s secured a place among the fan favorites. The Soul Sisters themselves are legal in Pauper, as are tons of token makers… and a combo that provides infinite creatures and life. Magic Online held another Pauper Challenge this weekend, and this deck took the tournament down.

Soul Warden and Soul’s Attendant are functionally the same card, and a nice way to make sure you have time to set everything up. The Soul Sisters have always played well with tokens, as they stack well and can gain a ton of life—which is especially awesome in a format of all commons.

Midnight Guard is a mediocre Draft common that has never seen the light of day in competitive Constructed formats—until Pauper. A 2/3 creature for 3 mana is well below the curve, and untapping when another creature enters the battlefield is a pseudo-vigilance ability that doesn’t have a lot of impact on the game. Unless you play Presence of Gond.

Presence was another mediocre Draft common that would sit in sideboards as well, but the combination with Midnight Guard is incredible. Putting this Aura on a Guard let you tap your creature to make a 1/1 Elf Warrior. This untaps the Guard so you can continue the chain. With a Soul Sister in play, this generates infinite life, and you’ll be left with as many creatures in play as clicks you want to make on Magic Online.

Benevolent Bodyguard comes down early to get in some pressure, then protects your combo from enemy removal. Some of the best removal in the format comes from Edict effects, so the token strategy is naturally powerful against that, but being able to protect your Guards from Skreds and Bolts is also important.

Battle Screech is a solid plan B in a deck with plenty of cheap white creatures as you get to play an effective Lingering Souls in a format full of commons. This card alone is extremely tough to beat and is an excellent addition to any white creature deck.

Cenn’s Enlistment is additional token protection that helps mitigate some of your flood and protects your creatures from Edicts. With Soul Sisters in play, Enlistment every turn can buy you tons of time to set up your combo.

Commune with the Gods finds both halves of your combo as you dig to find Midnight Guards and Presence of Gond. It also puts the rest of the cards into the graveyard, which becomes pure value with Cenn’s Enlistments and Battle Screeches to retrace and flashback. This also allows you to play a few copies of Prismatic Strands as an additional value card to mill with Commune. Casting Strands can protect your life total from big attacks, but the flashback allows you to protect your combo from damage-based removal even when you’re tapping out.

Journey to Nowhere is a great removal spell that can take out opposing threats.

Rally the Peasants provides additional ways to get rewarded for having lots of small creatures and tokens. Adding a few lands that are capable of producing red also gives you some value if Commune mills a Rally as you can flash it back for the win.

Soul Sisters is one of the coolest decks in Modern and is capable of gaining more life than many decks can deal damage. The Pauper version is even cooler, as who doesn’t love going infinite?

G/W Soul Sisters

MATHONICAL, 1st place at the MTGO Pauper Challenge


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