Deck of the Day: G/W Aggro

Getting on the board early with well-sized creatures can put your opponent on the back foot early. This is the general game plan of all aggressive decks, such as Mono-Red, but when the creatures are a little bigger and the tricks a little more powerful, G/W Aggro can put up threats opponents just aren’t prepared for.

Any good aggressive deck needs to curve out. When your early creatures generate value or still have functionality in the late game, that’s when things go really well for you, and Legion’s Landing does that perfectly. It’s an early creature, can gain some life, and flips into a powerful land quickly. If you draw it later in the game, you’re likely to have creatures out to flip it when necessary.

Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter gives you some crazy mana sink options later in the game for an early threat. If you use any pump spells, any 1-drop creature can provide value. As the game progresses, Oviya Pashiri creates an attack force with little to no other help. Combining Legion’s Landing with Oviya can get you extra mana, extra creatures, and close out the game.

Sacred Cat isn’t the most intimidating creature, but creating multiple bodies over the course of the game and some additional lifelink is useful. The early Cat combines well with pump effects and is the perfect creature to chump attack to flip a Legion’s Landing.

The 2-drops are where things get really spicy. Resilient Khenra is the perfect followup to your turn-1 plays. Pumping those creatures, getting in for extra (often lifelink) damage, and then having a 2/2 left behind for 2 mana is awesome. As the game goes long, the Khenra only gets better, just like its Earthshaker brethren.

Adanto Vanguard swings in as a 3-power creature turn after turn that’s just not profitable to block. It may cost 4 life to save your creature, but few decks can put up enough efficient blockers to make losing a card and the mana investment worth anywhere near 4 life. The fact that this ability doesn’t cost mana can put you crazy far ahead on tempo that only equally aggressive decks (to punish life loss) or token decks can even hope to tangle with.

Adorned Pouncer is yet another resilient threat that can come back from the dead bigger and better than before. Double strike goes nicely with pump spells and Resilient Khenras, and bringing the Pouncer back later creates an often lethal threat.

Merfolk Branchwalker has been making a splash across multiple formats. As a 2/1 that draws a card or a 3/2 with additional “scrying” upside, the Branchwalker is a strong threat on several levels. This deck has several embalm and eternalize creatures I’ve already discussed, so that’s pure value to explore into the graveyard, and you even have aftermath cards for additional fun!

Kinjalli’s Sunwing gives you an evasive threat that shuts down opposing blockers. Holding off haste threats makes the Sunwing great against aggressive red decks, or Whirler Virtuosos and Glorybringers.

Aethersphere Harvester gives you some additional evasion, additional lifelink, and a great way to use your small creatures and tokens that may be blanked later in the game.

Oketra the True gives you another formidable threat and late-game mana sink that many decks can’t deal with. You’re more than capable of going wide and this only enhances that game plan.

The best spell in this deck, and what really makes G/W Aggro shine, is Appeal // Authority. Making a creature massive is awesome, and you have plenty of life gain threats to target. Authority can shut down blocking and let you close out the game. Throw in some Blossoming Defenses to win in combat—and to save your creatures from removal—and G/W Aggro has all the tools to be a contender!

G/W Aggro

BENALM, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League

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