Deck of the Day – Gruul Adventure

Standard Gruul Adventure Deck List - Andrew Mararico

This deck was played by Andrew Macarico in the SCG Tour Online yesterday.  Like a lot of decks that have been popping up in new standard, this is a throwback to the deck played by Seth Manfield and Javier Dominguez in the “Oko PT”.  The long and short of it is that we have a traditional Gruul Aggro deck, but one that seeks to create some value by using both halves of adventure creatures as well as drawing cards off of Edgewall Innkeeper. This is an interesting idea for the current standard. Edgewall Innkeeper remains a great card, providing tremendous value if left unchecked, and Embercleave is one of the stronger finishers in the format.

Questing Beast can put pressure on both planeswalkers and the opponent’s life total, plus gives the deck, in combination with a couple Gruul Spellbreakers, a fair bit of haste, to give the deck a little bit of reach.  Domri’s Ambush has always been an overperformer for me when I’ve played with it.  Radha, Heart of Keld is not a card I have a lot of experience with, since it hasn’t seem much play since it was printed in M21, but an additional way to provide repetitive value to the deck seems like a nice inclusion.

If you’re looking for an aggressive deck, and don’t necessarily love any of the others that have been floating around, this deck seems like it could be worth a try.

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