Deck of the Day: Grixis Tutelage (Frontier)

Andrew Cuneo is a genius deck builder. Often a mad genius, but a genius nonetheless. Cuneo introduced Tutelage to the world at Pro Tour Magic Origins, and Michael Majors took the deck to a GP title shortly thereafter. A format with more options means more control elements and card draw.

Sphinx’s Tutelage isn’t going to affect the board when it enters the battlefield, but it doesn’t require you to enact a normal game plan to win the game. Make sure you don’t die, draw some cards, and Tutelage will do the rest. In a format with Dromoka’s Command, that is sometimes easier said than done, but this can be a great tool against the powerful control decks featuring Jace, Dig, and Gearhulk.


For Tutelage to work, you’re going to need to stay alive. Languish and Radiant Flames are efficient ways to make sure you aren’t run over by creatures before you have the chance to set up shop.

Galvanic Bombardment has got to be pretty close in power level to Fiery Impulse, to the point I’m not positive which is better, but I really like what Fatal Push is about to offer to this deck shortly! It could even push red mostly out of the deck, although a light splash might still be present, since you already want the fetchlands. Unlicensed Disintegration is a great way to deal with bigger threats.

Profane Memento is a card you probably had to read. I know I did, and I play a lot of Magic. This card is pretty sweet for a deck looking to kill all your opponent’s creatures and mill them out with Tutelage. Gaining more life just gives you more time to mill them out while forcing them to overextend into the next sweeper.

Collective Defiance bridges both strategies perfectly. While you don’t care too much about damage to opponents, it can kill a planeswalker with that mode. It can also kill a reasonably sized creature, and allow you to draw a ton of cards and stack up Tutelage triggers. Fateful Showdown will have a similar effect.


Sometimes you just need to stop the bad thing that’s about to happen to you. Duress, Revolutionary Rebuff, and Void Shatter can handle that.


If you like drawing cards and not doing much of anything, this deck can do that in spades. Take Inventory can draw them in bunches. Tormenting Voice, Oath of Jace, and Cathartic Reunion set up future Bombardments and Take Inventories for extra value. Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time reward you for all the nonsense you’ve put into your graveyard with more cards. Cruise is more powerful in a deck looking to trigger Tutelage, but Dig is nice for making sure you actually have the Tutelages you need.

As the saying goes, in a land full of powerful creatures where everyone is loading their deck up with awesome removal, the creatureless mill deck is king. That’s a saying, right?

Grixis Tutelage

Udontneedaweatherman, Top 8 at /r/MTGFrontier Community Tournament – Week 4


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