Deck of the Day: Grixis Tezzeret (Legacy)

If you’re anything like me, then you’re looking for the latest and greatest in Legacy tech to prepare for Grand Prix Las Vegas. Legacy has long been one of my favorite formats, and the banning of Sensei’s Divining Top completely opened up the format. You’ll regularly see 14+ different archetypes in a tournament’s Top 16 finishers, and today’s deck is another spicy one that has opened up without Counterbalance being a large part of the field.

Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas is a great way to get ahead on cards, as looking at the top 5 for an artifact to put into your hand is both value and selection in a deck with over 20 artifacts in it. With his ability to turn any artifact into a 5/5 that can attack immediately, Tezzeret is also one of the fastest clocks you could ever have, and mana acceleration only increases that. Think Gideon, Ally of Zendikar, but with pseudo-haste. You can also repeat this process on future turns to increase the clock, or simply sit back and enjoy your card advantage machine.

Dack Fayden isn’t stealing as many artifacts in Legacy as he would in Vintage, and he doesn’t provide strict card advantage, but he’ll cash in less useful cards for fresh looks. If you have graveyard synergies, Dack Fayden becomes pretty absurd for a 3-mana planeswalker with high loyalty.

The combo of Thopter Foundry and Sword of the Meek is too much for any fair deck to handle. You sacrifice the Sword to make a Thopter, which then brings the Sword back into play equipped to your flying creature. For every mana you have, you can cash it in for a 1/1 flying creature and a life. The fact that Sword can start in your graveyard before you start to combo off has great synergy with Dack Fayden.

Ensnaring Bridge will make sure you have enough time to set up your combos. It doesn’t work very well with Tezzeret giving you 5/5s, but it does with Thopter Foundry, as you can attack each turn before playing your one card in hand to get the Bridge lock going.

Transmute Artifact is a “legal Tinker” that can find the missing piece of the puzzle. When trying to assemble your Foundry/Sword combo, or when you need Ensnaring Bridge, Transmute will help you get there.

Mana acceleration helps get an early Tezzeret or combo into play, and Mox Diamond is the best of the bunch. It’s an artifact to find off of Tezzeret, can turn into a 5/5, and it provides all 4 colors that this deck can use. You also want enough acceleration to get from 2 to 4 that even Dimir Signets make the cut.

Crucible of Worlds doesn’t do anything incredible in this deck, but it does many little things very well. It can get back the lands discarded to Mox Diamond or Dack Fayden for value. It can allow you to sacrifice Inventors’ Fair repeatedly to find all the artifacts you need. It can let you Wasteland turn after turn.

Baleful Strix trades with anything, replaces itself with a new card, and can be found by Tezzeret and targeted by Tezzeret to make a 5/5 flying creature.

Breya, Etherium Shaper is a 1-of out of Commander 2016 that offers up a ton of different possible plays. First off, you’re getting 6 power in creatures for 4 mana, but being able to sacrifice artifacts for value is massive. You can kill creatures, deal direct damage, or gain life—all strong options in different scenarios, and cashing in your Sword of the Meeks can allow you to win otherwise impossible games.

In a deck with so many artifacts, it can be hard to make Force of Will work, but many of the artifacts here are blue cards. There are enough ways to pitch that you can protect yourself from opposing combo decks or force your combo through.

Dack and Tezzeret team up with one of the best combos we’ve seen in Magic to create a powerful, quick, and resilient deck that should see lots of play in Legacy.

Grixis Tezzeret

VOXVORNVOLTAIR, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League


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