Deck of the Day – Grixis Control

I really love a nice control deck. Who needs threats when you have the answers?

Look at this beautiful list. It’s headlined by 4 Dig Through Times in the spells section, but then you have a crazy mix of 1-, 2-, and 3-ofs across the board. Digs will help to find exactly what you need when you need it, and then you have a wide assortment of answers.

In the countermagic department, we’ve got Clash of Wills, Void Shatter, Dispel, and Disdainful Stroke. This means that it’s not going to be easy for your opponent to play around anything in particular, though if any one of these is way better in the matchup, you admittedly won’t have the ideal configuration.

For removal, you can start early with Fiery Impulse and Grasp of Darkness, or you can go big later with Languish. In the middle, you have Kolaghan’s Command, Murderous Cut, and Ruinous Path to dispose of enemy creatures.

As far as your own creatures, Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy is an easy choice. With so many different cards, you’re liable to have cards in your hand that you’re happy to discard. You also have so many different instants and sorceries that the ability to pick and choose what to flashback is very valuable.

Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet has been proving himself repeatedly as a nice brick wall against aggro strategies while disrupting popular cards like Deathmist Raptor and Rally the Ancestors. Kalitas combines excellently with cheap removal, killing a creature the moment it comes down to lock up the first Zombie token.

The real gem of the deck comes in Chandra, Flamecaller. Without many threats in the deck, this is the all-star, and she really does it all. Acting as a sweeper, Chandra is more than capable of clearing the board (and potentially netting you some Zombie tokens with Kalitas). Chandra can also turn all your bad game-1 cards into more valuable options that can actually impact the game. Drawing dead removal in game 1 tends to be a huge negative that can easily cost you a game, but Chandra negates that entirely. In the end, she’s your true finisher, and will absolutely finish the game in a hurry.

If you’re looking for a pure control strategy and a deck to really showcase what Chandra, Flamecaller can do, Grixis Control is for you!

Grixis Control

ONLINEMAGICS, 3rd in a Standard MOCS


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