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It’s hard to deny the appeal of a good Dragons strategy. From the youngest kid to the Kibleriest Kibler, everyone loves Dragons. It looks like the archetype may be back with a vengeance, thanks to some Eldritch Moon goodies!

Thunderbreak Regent is still the centerpiece of the archetype, so if this is the strategy for you, get in quick while you can still bring the thunder. A 4/4 flyer for 4 mana is already a great rate without an incredible ability that helps protect it and all your other Dragons by rapidly reducing the opponent’s life total.

Sylvan Advocate, arguably the best card in Standard, slots in nicely for any green deck looking to get in some early damage while working to get to the late game. Den Protector fills a similar role and adding card advantage. Nissa, Vastwood Seer helps you hit your land drops while also insuring the late game goes according to plan.

Arlinn Kord has not seen much play, but she’s still a powerful planeswalker that can both remove opposing creatures and give you an army of creatures to attack with. Arlinn may not be the best planeswalker ever printed, but she’s still incredibly powerful.

As for new cards, you have tons of them! Ulvenwald Captive is a brand new mana creature that also turns into a monster threat in the late game. While 2-mana accelerators haven’t always come with the greatest fanfare, anything that helps you cast Thunderbreak or Arlinn on turn 3 is good enough.

Hanweir Garrison is no Goblin Rabblemaster, but it also isn’t that far off. You’re not forced to suicide any tokens into opposing blockers, so simply the threat of what you can do demands respect. Opponents can’t simply leave back a single blocker and hope that’s going to be good enough, as a removal spell means 4 damage and an additional 2 creatures that will stick around for the next turn. The inclusion of Hanweir Battlements means that you can live the meld dream, but just giving your giant Dragons haste is already a really nice bonus.

Mirrorwing Dragon is another Eldritch Moon addition that can combat spot removal spells. If they want to Ruinous Path your Mirrorwing, it will also take down their entire team!

I didn’t expect to see much Ulrich of the Krallenhorde, but giving a creature +4/+4 is no joke. This is a pretty nice combination with both evasion and Hanweir Garrison to help force it through. If and when Ulrich flips, the results are really good for you.

Incendiary Flow is going to see as much play as red does. We haven’t had Volcanic Hammer in Standard for some time now, and this one has upside. If people want to play Hangarback Walkers or try to combo their Matter Reshapers into evolve creatures, this sorcery will disrupt their flow.

Finally, you have Collective Defiance, a card I love. Killing a creature and dealing damage to your opponent are both strong modes. The fact is that you can cash in a hand you no longer want, or even target your opponent when it suits you (perhaps they missed a land drop, you know their hand is powerful, and you want to take away some of that action). I really like what Collective Defiance brings to the table.

RG Dragons made a big splash with the release of Dragons of Tarkir and Thunderbreak Regent, but it’s been sliding a little bit ever since. Perhaps Eldritch Moon will bring the archetype back!

RG Dragons

Kevin Brayer, Top 64 at the Standard Open

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