Deck of the Day – GB Emerge

Emerge is a powerful new mechanic that you’re sure to see plenty of going forward, the majority of which is sure to be from the new “blue” emerge cards. So how does a green/black emerge deck actually work?

In a deck filled with creatures, Duskwatch Recruiter is still an all-star. It’s a solid 2-drop that can help find important pieces or act as an accelerator when it flips. Deathcap Cultivator is still the best mana dork as it has 2 power and can fix both colors of mana in this deck. Even if you can’t realistically hit delirium, the Cultivator still does good work.

In a 2-color deck, especially with the emerge mechanic, the colorless creatures are likely the best approach to maximize efficiency. Matter Reshaper gets tons of value with emerge, but it also just happens to be a solid creature that hits hard. Reality Smasher still makes for a great top end as many decks struggle to deal with such a monster.

This deck borrows many of the tools of the old BG Sacrifice decks to flood the board with power. Loam Dryad and Cryptolith Rites are both useful tools to help unload your hand in a deck filled with creatures. They also both make Duskwatch Recruiter even better than it already is. Elvish Visionary slots in really well here as a way to dig deeper and add some extra mana.

As for new cards, Foul Emissary is a new Elvish Visionary that does everything you’re looking for. Digging 4 cards deep for the right creature is akin to the Recruiter, but being able to sacrifice the Emissary for tons of value off of emerge makes this a really powerful option.

The emerge creatures themselves are truly phenomenal. Distended Mindbender comes down on turn 4 as the biggest creature on the board that also strips your opponent of what is likely to be their 2 best cards. Taking their Reflector Mage and their Collected Company is going to be tough to ever beat. This is also a turn-4 play that can’t be hit by Spell Queller, so there’s tons of value here.

Decimator of the Provinces sits at the very top of the curve and will almost always end the game on the spot. Decimator is effectively Craterhoof Behemoth in this deck but at a fraction of the cost. Overrun on a 7/7 trample haste creature that can be cast as early as turn 5? Sounds pretty awesome to me!

While Liliana, the Last Hope doesn’t do it all in this deck like she might in some others, she will help buy time to get to the late game by shrinking opposing blockers. It also will help tutor for your best creatures, in a similar vein to Recruiter and Emissary, to help make sure you have exactly what you need when you need it.

There are so many powerful new cards in Eldritch Moon, and this deck features plenty of them. Emerge is sure to be a mechanic that will help define Standard for some time to come, and Liliana, the Last Hope is definitely the real deal!

GB Emerge

Ian Bosley, Top 64 at the Standard Open

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