Deck of the Day: G/W Value Company (Modern)

The Modern metagame spans the whole spectrum. The big mana decks, the aggro decks, the crazy combo decks, and the highly interactive decks all have their place in the format. So where does a deck that’s filled with value creatures and no combo whatsoever fit in? Todd Stevens has been playing G/W Value Company for some time now, and what may look underpowered on the surface has put up some great results.

Collected Company is what makes this deck intriguing, although a creature deck that has no combo element whatsoever is a brave new world for Modern. You’re used to hitting an infinite mana combo with Devoted Druid or maybe gaining infinite life with Kitchen Finks. This deck can put more creatures onto the battlefield that hopefully have a big enough impact to come out ahead. Even though there isn’t a “haymaker,” in finding combo elements, each of these creatures can offer quite a bit to the game plan, and Company is your best card.

Collected Company was format defining in Standard, but what makes these decks so successful in Modern is the fact that you’re able to accelerate it out along with your bigger creatures. The full playsets of both Noble Hierarch and Birds of Paradise make this possible. You need to make sure that you have a board presence since you’re a midrange value deck, and having access to this early mana is key to developing your board.

Your most powerful creature is Knight of the Reliquary. The Knight can fix your mana and grow to huge sizes early in the game. While you don’t go too deep in terms of utility lands, you do have access to 4 copies of Ghost Quarter to really mess with your opponent’s mana. A single Gavony Township can take over the game when you go wide, and Horizon Canopy can get you some extra cards along the way.

This deck utilizes various Ghost Quarter combos. First, you have Ramunap Excavator to get Ghost Quarters (or fetchlands or Canopy) out of your graveyard. You also have Azusa, Lost but Seeking to play several lands per turn. With Ghost Quarter, this will function as a one-sided Armageddon, and Horizon Canopy can serve as an Ancestral Recall each turn.

Courser of Kruphix helps to make sure that you’re hitting land drops while also ensuring that you draw spells for your draw step. Courser also happens to be a strong blocker against aggro and the life gain is extremely relevant. All of these extra lands coming into play are perfect for gaining piles of Clues with Tireless Tracker.

You don’t have Chord of Calling to immediately find your silver bullets, but with the card selection and Collected Company, you’re still likely to find creatures you need. Aven Mindcensor can shut down cards like Scapeshift, Primeval Titan, or just opposing fetchlands. It also combos well with your own Ghost Quarters and turns Path to Exile into the best removal spells ever printed. Scavenging Ooze can shut down Snapcaster Mage and graveyard decks while gaining life and neutering delve spells. Eternal Witness is just pure value when key creatures die or you need to cast another Company.

Voice of Resurgence’s stock is high right now. Blue decks are on the rise, and the ability to play well against removal spells is excellent. If you play against a deck where Voice can block and trade, you’re only getting more value.

G/W Value Company doesn’t have the flash and pizzazz of many other decks in Modern, but when they have no lands in play, you have 10+ mana, and they’re scooping up their cards, it doesn’t matter what deals the final point of damage!

G/W Value Company

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