Deck of the Day: G/B Dinosaurs

We’re going to have lots of fun exploring this Standard format for some time. Today’s deck is pretty wild, but it’s definitely not a one-hit wonder—multiple versions of it have been popping up on MTGO and putting up results. G/B Dinosaurs is here to stay.

This deck starts with the full playset of Carnage Tyrant. In a world where U/B midrange and control strategies—either with or without red to go full Grixis—is considered the deck to beat, Carnage Tyrant is the premier threat. The Scarab God is capable of putting up resistance against the uncounterable, trample, hexproof Dinosaur, but if you ramp it out quickly and support it, you make that a tall order.

You’re also playing the full amount of Wayward Swordtooths. The Swordtooth is a 3-mana Exploration in the early stages of the game since you need the city’s blessing before your 5/5 can attack or block, but you ascend fast. The extra land drops means you can naturally cast a Carnage Tyrant on turn 4 in a land-heavy hand with just the simple curve of Swordtooth into Tyrant, and that’s already pretty exciting.

Hour of Promise provides ascend almost immediately. With five permanents already available to cast the Hour, you’re searching out two more lands and making two Zombie tokens, sending you to nine or more permanents. These extra lands can provide utility in Ifnir Deadlands for removal, Scavenger Grounds against The Scarab God, or Arch of Orazca to provide immediate card advantage with your excess mana.

Hour isn’t your only ramp—you also get four copies of Thunderherd Migration with your Dinosaurs for an early Rampant Growth. Going from 2 to 4 isn’t super important in this deck, but you can already use every land you can get your hands on and it allows you to ascend or cast your Carnage Tyrants a little sooner.

Carnage Tyrant isn’t the only Dinosaur at the top of your curve. Tetzimoc, Primal Death takes the extra black mana you have on the battlefield and turns it into prey counters. This puts the opponent in the unenviable position of continuing to add to the battlefield for Tetzimoc to sweep everything up or just let you do your thing and die to Carnage Tyrants.

You want some early board presence to avoid getting run over while you ramp to Tyrants and Hours. Jadelight Ranger is just a great value creature that is likely to add some lands to your hand when you need them thanks to the 27 lands you’re running. Thrashing Brontodon provides an 11th Dinosaur, an answer to problematic enchantments and artifacts, as well as a nice-sized body that’s out of the range of many removal spells to provide some early defense.

Commune with Dinosaurs is really at its best in this deck, finding an early Swordtooth to ramp, a Carnage Tyrant to finish, or a Tetzimoc to sweep the board. It helps find your main-deck Naturalize in Thrashing Brontodon and will just find an extra land in a pinch.

It’s a little weird to play a G/B deck without any copies of Fatal Push in the 75, but this deck isn’t looking for the few percentage points against aggro at the risk of having dead cards in hand. Instead, you still have answers to creatures like Glint-Sleeve Siphoner and other small threats in Walking Ballista. Ballista is the perfect early answer to speed-bump red, and is still a threat late in the game when you should have 10+ lands on the battlefield. You’re also running the full amount of Vraska’s Contempts as it’s too powerful not to. The Scarab God is one of the few cards that can ruin your plans and Vraska’s Contempt is the perfect answer.

G/B Dinosaurs uses plenty of cards that haven’t made much impact in Standard to great effect. Playing a turbo Carnage Tyrant deck that makes Wayward Swordtooth into an undercosted 5/5 ramp spell as early as turn 4 looks like a great place to start!

G/B Dinosaurs

KITCHEN_FINKS, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League


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