Deck of the Day: Esper Tokens

This token strategy attacks the metagame from a different angle. With enchantments that can take over the game, the ubiquitous answers to artifacts like Abrade and Hostage Taker aren’t going to offer an out. Going wide alongside these problematic permanents gives you game against aggro and control alike.

Anointed Procession is the name of the game here. This is a 4-mana enchantment that doesn’t immediately impact the battlefield, but it will have a major one shortly thereafter. Doubling the number of tokens your cards produce creates big swings, and let’s not forget that Processions stack so that the second one creates an even more insurmountable advantage than the first. With tons of ways to create tokens and gain life, things get really tough for any opponent trying to trade 1-for-1 or just win with damage.

Hidden Stockpile is one of the best ways to get a continuous advantage. You have plenty of ways to trigger revolt, and this is a cheap enchantment that few decks can interact with once it’s on the battlefield. Stockpile’s casting cost means that you can sometimes slip it into play before the blue decks have access to Censor or Negate. Once on the battlefield, it’ll start creating tokens and scrying into action.

Anointer Priest makes it difficult for anyone to kill you with normal amounts of damage once you get going. It’s already a solid blocker against Red, and embalming a Priest with a Procession in play will immediately give you 4 life and the ability to gain an immense amount more (each token will create 2 tokens and each of those will gain you 2 life). Once you have multiple Priests or multiple Processions going, life totals go well over 100 quickly!

Sacred Cat gives you another cheap option to drop early and a card you’re happy to have in the graveyard. The small life total buffer early makes sure you get to the late game, and that’s when you can start to look like the crazy (Zombie) Cat lady.

Champion of Wits is so good that you’re willing to splash for it. Not only does this allow you to go deeper into your deck, finding key lands and action, it also allows you to discard creatures with embalm. Later in the game, Champion itself can be eternalized, and that’s when things go crazy. With even a single Procession in play, you’re looking to see eight additional cards, and the game isn’t going to last much longer after that.

The Scarab God slams the door. It’s bigger than anything on the battlefield and nearly impossible to kill. Its ability recurs creatures in your own graveyard, but you can also get double tokens from your opponent’s graveyard with a Procession in play. Get a couple Processions in play and use The Scarab God on your opponent’s Whirler Virtuoso… I promise you’ll like the results.

Fumigate gives you the perfect reset button for the board. With so many creatures that have embalm, eternalize, or just come back from the graveyard during your end step, this barely impacts you. You can gain a ton of life, clear problematic creatures, and rebuild quickly.

Fatal Push gives you the tempo you need to get to the late game. Start // Finish means that you have access to removal spells for bigger creatures and some additional token makers.

Legion’s Landing is in contention for the most powerful card in Ixalan. A 1/1 lifelinking token for 1 mana is a fine rate, but being able to flip into another mana source that provides inevitability is busted. This will help accelerate you, make sure you can use all of your mana, and start producing absurd amounts of lifelinking Vampire tokens with Processions late.

Treasure Map is a way to really break open the midrange matchups. Getting some scrys in early is great for setting up your draw, but the Map will quickly flip into a total powerhouse. Not only will you be getting 3 Treasures that you can use for mana or cards, but that number will double for each Procession you have on the battlefield. This card and mana advantage is going to be tough for anyone to overcome.

The Esper Tokens deck has so much early interaction and life gain that it can consistently get to the mid-late stages of the game. Once there, the raw power of the enchantments takes over.

Esper Tokens

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