Deck of the Day – Dust Devils

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen much of everyone’s favorite rogue deckbuilder, Mr. Conley Woods. When a tournament makes its way to his home in Denver, however, there is about a 50% chance that he will show up. When he does show up, there’s a 100% chance he will bring something new.

This time was no different. On the surface, Conley had an Eldrazi Ramp deck. He’s got himself some Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hungers, Ugin, the Spirit Dragons, and Dragonlord Atarkas. Supplement that with some Leaf Gilders and Rattleclaw Mystics for ramp, some super ramp in Explosive Vegetations, and voila—we’ve got a deck! But no, we are going way deeper here.

Enter Crumble to Dust. This card was never expected to see the light of day in Standard, and with good reason. No deck really relies on any non-basic lands to succeed, save for potentially Eldrazi Ramp. Being able to remove a couple copies of a Sunken Hollow is nice, but certainly not backbreaking. That is until an Oblivion Sower enters the picture. Sower is great just for what it is—a giant creature that doesn’t cost too much and helps ramp your mana. Once you are exiling your opponent’s lands with your own “land death,” Oblivion Sower becomes an all-star.

Knowing Conley, it would be very surprising for him to make his return to the competitive scene without pet card From Beyond with him. Not even I could have expected he would come with the full 4 copies, but if the card is as good as it is cool, it could eventually make waves.

The event didn’t go great for him here, but the deck has a lot of potential to be shifted into something pretty fantastic, if not just incredibly fun!

Dust Devils

By Conley Woods at a Denver Standard Open


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