Deck of the Day: Death Cloud (Modern)

You like grindy, attrition-based decks? You want planeswalkers grinding out an edge, but you’re sick of those pesky blue cards? I got you covered here.

Liliana is capable of taking over the game by herself. She only costs 3 mana, makes your opponent sacrifice a creature, and then goes to work on their hand. In matchups where you don’t need to kill creatures, you get to control the opponent’s hand size while ticking up to ultimate to halve their board. Liliana, the Last Hope also comes down for only 3 mana and eliminates small creatures. Last Hope can tick down for some card advantage when you want to return a creature, and the ultimate is amazing in any fair matchup as an unbeatable win condition.

Garruk Wildspeaker is where things start getting really interesting. Garruk can pump out an army of Beasts, which is solid in many Modern matchups, but more often than not you’re just looking to ramp your mana. Garruk untapping lands gives you access to lots of additional mana in the mid-to-late game to power out big spells.

Utopia Sprawl works perfectly with all of these planeswalkers. A turn-1 Sprawl enables a turn-2 Liliana, which is tough for most opponents to beat. Utopia Sprawl with Garruk generates tons of mana very early in the game.

What to do with a bunch of mana in Modern? How about Death Cloud! Death Cloud wipes the board of creatures and lands while emptying both players’ hands. This might seem like it would result in parity, but you have Utopia Sprawl on your lands and a bunch of planeswalkers in play that are unaffected by the Cloud. With no board or hand, your opponent is never coming back from that!

It’s Modern. You’re playing black. So you’re playing the best discard spells the format has to offer. Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek will clear the way for important combo pieces or anything that could interact with your planeswalker plan.

Toss in some removal spells to make sure nothing gets out of hand before you’re ready to deploy your haymakers. Abrupt Decay is versatile and uncounterable, Maelstrom Pulse deals with anything you need it to, Murderous Cut and Slaughter Pact give you removal spells for little-to-no mana investment, and Damnation will clean up any mess. If you get up to 5 mana, Ob Nixilis Reignited gives you another powerful planeswalker to kill tough-to-deal-with creatures or gives you crazy card advantage.

The creature suite is pure value. Kitchen Finks buffers your life total, trades up in combat, and comes back with persist after a Death Cloud wipes the board. Eternal Witness is a card advantage machine and combos well with Liliana, the Last Hope. Courser of Kruphix also pads your life total while giving you some card advantage off the top of your deck. Grave Titan is the big finisher, and can produce enough tokens to survive a Death Cloud.

You also have a couple of silver bullets. Dark Petition can find a key planeswalker, Damnation, Death Cloud, or anything else when needed. Primal Command gives you some interesting options against decks relying on the graveyard, burn spells that can’t beat 7 life, or just card advantage from putting something on top or finding a creature you need (like Eternal Witness to get it back or Grave Titan to end the game).

This Death Cloud deck has 9 planeswalkers to lean on and a way to wipe out everything else both on the battlefield and in hand. Grinding out wins never felt so good!

Death Cloud

ECHECETMAT35, 6-2 in an MOCS Monthly


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