Deck of the Day – Dark Temur Ferocious

If there’s one thing we’ve learned for certain over the past year, it’s that Siege Rhino is really good. If there are two things we have learned, it’s that Temur is really bad.

That’s not to say that Savage Knuckleblade isn’t a great card, because it most certainly is. Still, Temur decks have eluded the competitive tier since the release of Khans. The success rate of Temur decks splashing black, however, while well behind any of the other clans, has picked up. Playing mana dorks and mediocre creatures has been an unsuccessful strategy, so what if we just jammed the deck full of the biggest and most efficient threats?


Knuckleblade is a great place to start, but Woodland Wanderer and Tasigur, the Golden Fang provide way more power than their casting cost would typically allow. Throw in some Thunderbreak Regents for an evasive and painful-to-deal-with threat, and you have yourself a powerful threat base.

Stubborn Denial is excellent as a cheap way to protect your biggest and baddest threats from the opponent’s interaction. It’s pretty weak when you can’t turn on ferocious, yet not completely dead. Luckily, the main use for the card is to protect your monsters, and Denial is the most efficient way to do so. The fact that this can nab a Painful Truths or powerful planeswalker on curve in the early game is just icing.


Splashing black also gives us the card of the month in Painful Truths, as every deck builder on the planet is starting to come around to just how powerful this card is.

Some hand disruption in Transgress the Mind, some sweepers in Radiant Flames, and some good spot removal in Murderous Cut may be what Savage Knuckleblade needs to find a consistent home in Standard.


Dark Temur Ferocious

By DENOUNCE_ALL, 5-0 in an MTGO Standard League


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