Deck of the Day – Colorless Eldrazi

Colors? You don’t need no stinkin’ colors!

The Eldrazi are devoid of color, but that comes with plenty of advantages. One of the biggest is all the awesome utility lands, and that you never risk getting screwed. Sanctum of Ugin can tutor up what you need when you need it, Mage-Ring Network and Shrine of the Forsaken Gods will ramp you to cast those big spells, and Spawning Bed can both create an army and some ramp. Westvale Abbey can create blockers or threaten to turn into Ormendahl, and it happens to be a land that’s still in your “colors”!

Hedron Crawler is another “on-color” ramp creature. It offers two different card types if it end up in your graveyard, and will provide mana for your bigger threats. Matter Reshaper is a great bridge to that midgame, while Thought-Knot Seer will protect you on all fronts as a huge creature and by taking away a big spell from your opponent.

Hedron Archive is a critical ramp spell that offers late-game card advantage. Getting a couple of these online will get you up to the big mana spells quickly. With cards like Kolaghan’s Command on the decline, artifact ramp spells are ideal.

Oblivion Sower has a cast trigger, so even if it doesn’t hit the battlefield, you should get some value. Grabbing a land or 4 from your opponent’s deck means you’re much closer to casting your massive spells, or multiple spells in a turn. With fetchlands out of the format, you’re going to hit lands that are useful for you, and you even have a lone basic in here in case you hit their Evolving Wilds!

As for those big spells I keep talking about, we’ve got Emrakul. We’ve got Ulamog. We’ve even got Kozilek, the Great Distortion. They’re all here, and with some great mana ramp colorless lands, Crawlers and Archives evolved from Hedrons and Sowers, you’re going to be casting them early and often. You even have Sanctum to chain Eldrazi together! Rarely do we see an Emrakul deck without a single sorcery, enchantment, or planeswalker in it, but here we are. With just instants, creatures, artifacts, and lands, you can expect Emrakul to not be cheap, but still hit the board early.

The biggest downside to not having colors would typically be that removal spells are tough to come by, but that certainly isn’t the case right now. Titan’s Presence can kill anything with the giant Eldrazi in your hand. Warping Wail and Spatial Contortion help control the early game, while providing a little utility in a pinch.

Emrakul is the queen of Standard, and it turns out that loading up your graveyard with card types is not the only way to go about harnessing her power. The Eldrazi work together without needing a single color!

Colorless Eldrazi

Doruk Usumezbas, Top 16 in a Standard Classic

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