Deck of the Day: B/R Demigod (Modern)

While Standard is in for some big changes, it’s never challenging to find Modern brews that people have built around the world—but finding one that does well in a massive tournament is still no easy feat. Taking down a tough MTGO tournament with a list unlike any I’ve seen previously, today’s deck is on another level.

This deck revolves around Demigod of Revenge. This is likely not a card with which everyone, even Modern aficionados, is familiar. It’s 5 mana to cast, which is certainly not cheap, and requires a heavy commitment to Rakdos. In return, you get a nice sized flying, hasty threat. In a lot of ways, this is just inferior to Reality Smasher, and you have lands that help make that easier to cast, but the kicker is returning all other Demigods from your graveyard to play. This means that you have built-in protection against discard and removal while also being able to discard early Demigods for value. Getting just a single Demigod into your graveyard early sets you up for a 2-turn clock when you cast your second later on.

Demigod isn’t the fastest threat, so you’re going to need some ways to control the board. The best sweeper in Modern for a heavy red deck, Anger of the Gods kills all the small creatures for good. This is extra important against Dredge, persist creatures, and Matter Reshaper. You also play a singleton copy of Damnation for those times when Anger won’t get the job done.

This deck is able to further diversify its removal suite with the inclusion of cards like Beseech the Queen. This isn’t the most powerful tutor effect we’ve ever seen, but it does give sideboard bullets and important singleton cards a bit more value.

You’re playing Rakdos, so Terminate is going to be a great removal spell to handle the big creatures of the format. With people moving to Gurmag Anglers over Tarmogoyfs in their Death’s Shadow decks, Fatal Push is still strong, but not the removal spell it may have been recently. Dreadbore gives some added protection against planeswalkers while also dealing with larger creatures.

You need your discard suite to protect your creatures, protect against combo, and disrupt opposing curves. Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize are the best of the bunch to get rid of important spells in the cheapest way possible.

Collective Brutality is already excellent, but being able to discard Demigods for value is insane, turning this into a removal spell, additional reach, and a life buffer.

Kolaghan’s Command gives you additional discard, artifact protection, and a way to fight smaller creatures.

Some early card draw in Night’s Whisper will help you get ahead, while Faithless Looting adds another way to get your Demigods into the graveyard.

Liliana, the Last Hope is the planeswalker of choice. It can help load up the graveyard with more Demigods, control small creatures, and potentially get back your other creatures. The main deck includes only a couple of Fulminator Mages and an Olivia Voldaren, but those can be complete game-changers in the matchups where they shine.

Finally, you have Blood Moon to stop many decks completely in their tracks. If they can’t cast spells, you have time to set up whatever you need. You have a lot of black spells, and plenty of double-black spells, but Demigod can eventually be cast for RRRRR, so you’re never in too much trouble if they aren’t casting their spells on time.

B/R Demigod is not a strategy I’ve seen before, so seeing it take down the Modern Challenge on MTGO is exciting. I can’t wait to see where this deck ends up!

B/R Demigod

CYASO, 1st place in the MTGO Modern Challenge

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